The Daily Telecrap published (on March 15) more garbage from the sister of our former-great-cyclist-leader Tony Abbott, failed Lord Mayoral candidate Christine Forster, about how cyclists and flowers are making parking cars just sooo difficult in Sydney.

Because it's apparently a "Premium" article in the Crapper, some may not be able to read her bollocks. Being the generous soul that I am, and somehow having been granted access, I have stolen from the rich Murdochs to give to the poor Sydney Cyclists. Enjoy.

(Oh, my favourite bits are the photo caption saying that integrating parking will result in "beatification" of Saintly Sydney, and the bit about ignoring the complaints of a whole 8% of residents. Also the bit about every time Clover sends out the cycleway builders a car park is lost, never to return, accompanied by a picture of construction of the now ripped-out College St cycleway.)

Parking and business access the high cost of making the CBD pretty

City of Sydney Liberal councillor Christine Forster says more needs to be done to integrate car parking and beatification of the city.

FOR a Lord Mayor who prides herself on her environmental credentials, Clover Moore has a sorry track record of failing to value and conserve one of inner city Sydney’s scarcest and most precious non-renewable resources: on-street parking.

For example, in Surry Hills, the City of Sydney Council is spending a considerable sum of ratepayers’ hard-earned cash on a project to widen and include garden beds in the footpath on the north side of busy Foveaux St. Council claims the project will ­improve pedestrian access and make the street more visually appealing.

The bike lanes come at the cost of parking in the Sydney CBD.

Now, everyone wants our footpaths to be as accessible and attractive as possible. And most would agree that shrubberies and hedges soften and improve the look of our sometimes gritty inner city streetscapes.

But the problem is, a great many of the people who live in the inner city need to own cars, and mostly the ­people who come to do business here, such as tradesmen and delivery drivers, arrive in vehicles. But unlike the Lord Mayor, who has a ratepayer-funded chauffeur, all those people need to park on the street.

Clover Moore: Lord Mayor’s bizarre expenses policy says she must fl...

That is a need the Lord Mayor dismisses with a wave of her hand each time she ­approves a street scaping project like the one in Foveaux St, which resulted in the loss of four parking spaces. She dismisses it when she rubber stamps bicycle lanes, which had obliterated 660 parking spaces up until mid-2015 and at least 40 more since.

Every time Ms Moore sends in the construction workers, another car space seems to disappear — never to return.

She will no doubt dismiss it again when she approves the Burren and Wilson St cycleway in Newtown, ­despite the protests of 306 or 8 per cent of the local residents surveyed.

The reality is that once on-street parking is lost to a garden bed or a bike lane, it is gone forever. That’s why I have repeatedly called on the Lord Mayor to do what is right and design our streetscape improvements and bicycle infrastructure with a view to preserving and protecting the on-street parking that we all need in order to have a functioning city.

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Instead, the Lord Mayor’s cavalier attitude results in projects that nibble away at our parking stock. Each time a kerbside bicycle rack or a corner garden bed is installed, the residents and businesses of the city lose the space that enables them to park their cars or load and receive deliveries.

It is possible, with some careful planning, to achieve both beautiful and functional streets and kerbsides.

We just need the Lord Mayor to start caring enough to stop waving goodbye to the parking spaces that Sydney can never get back.

Christine Forster is a City of Sydney councillor.

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How many parking spots have been lost to make may for more car lanes?

All that parking there has been lost, never to be seen again, to useless bus stops. Bloody public transport. They should bring back trams... Oh, wait...

Gosh - cars were much smaller then.

Perhaps CoS can maintain the space count by sizing them for small cars only.

Perhaps CoS can maintain the space count by sizing them for small cars only.

Which would bring in more parking meter revenue, too, since rates should not be reduced just because of size of car (though large cars might then need two spaces and drivers to feed two meters!).

Under a Donald-Shoup-approved parking scheme, revenue from parking meters could be allocated to facilities for non-motorised- and public transport. Drivers could then pay directly for bike lanes. SWEEEET!

In the shopping centre near where I work, a recent redesign of the car park has resulted in a fair number of spots being labelled 'small car only' - and they really are smaller, there are more spots per row than of the standard-size parking place.

It appears to make no difference to drivers, however, as I regularly see SUV bubble-cars parked in them, hanging out either side (and jutting out the front) of the space...

4wd owners expect everyone to observe road rules and the societally accepted courtesies towards others. However they also believe that none of these are their responsibility or obligation. 

What stopped people parking the disabled spots is that you get points taken off your license

Ultimately the only way to get the small % who  DGAS to GAS is that the penalty is sufficient to discourage them from non compliance

In the case of private parking I'm not sure what legal avenues they have.  I'm aware of one location that issues parking fines with a discount if you pay on time.  However those that are smart know that 1. They are not legally standing and 2. They have no way to connect your number plate with you

RMS does do the connection for collection of contract fees. But if you say you were not the driver the process falls over because they cannot establish that you are a party to the contract on the entry sign.

'legal avenues' aren't the only avenues. 


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