Bike riders' contempt for the law

  • Geoff Chambers

Riding ... people use the new cycle paths on Kent St / Pic: John Grainger Source: The Daily Telegraph


SYDNEY'S bikeways have become lawless express lanes with cyclists rolling through red lights and riding on footpaths.

While motorists are fined for driving in bus or bike lanes, cycling infringements go unnoticed.

Sydney City Council and the RTA are holding urgent negotiations to consider methods to penalise reckless riders.


Ideas discussed include an increased presence of police traffic officers and cameras monitoring high frequency bike lanes.


In the meantime, the bike paths have become havens for inexperienced cyclists keen to test Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore's laneway project.


Riders using the new Kent St bike lane yesterday expressed their frustration that some cyclists had given them a bad name.


During a two-hour period, The Daily Telegraph observed cyclists riding without helmets, riding through red lights, riding on footpaths and riding in front of turning cars.


Ben Haslem, who rides from Newtown to Neutral Bay three-times a week, said he was fed-up with cyclists who didn't respect the rules.


"You can understand why some people are getting angry about the bike lanes. Every time I go for a ride you see people riding straight through the red light," Mr Haslem said.


A group of lawyers and accountants who work in the CBD, known as the Easy Riders, ride from the Harbour Bridge to Hyde Park for Ride to Work Day.


Easy Riders member and lawyer Peter McNamara said the ride into King St was dangerous for some cyclists. "It can get a bit tricky out there for riders who aren't familiar with the roads. It is busy at peak time and pretty narrow," Mr McNamara said. 'It can get pretty dangerous when there's a group of riders on the road."


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An outstanding TV series, and not only because of the following quote (and that awesomely realistic fight scene in series 2):

Tom Nuttall: My bicycle masters boardwalk and quagmire with aplomb. Those that doubt me... suck c**k by choice.

Could not have said it better myself :).
'lawless express lanes'... LOL

No, it's express (with an "e") so the correct abbreviation is LEL not LOL.
Ok I am going to stop looking at all the 'related' coverage links on that page to other hateful articles - its really upsetting me. Just when I was thinking this morning on my ride how much better Sydney is becoming thanks to the City of Sydney's greening initiatives. Not just bike lanes but all the parks they are doing up in the inner city.

People are largely a selfish ignorant lot and stuff like this makes me despair but lets hope that as suggested in the polls the majority of City of Sydney residents support not just the bike lanes but all the changes to make Sydney a nicer place for us all.
Remind me again why we bother with ANYTHING the terror has to say? Lead by example, do whats right, en masse and take the initiative.
What ever self compliance we manage to spread through cycle based road users will merely make the terror and its airwave equivalents look for something else to harangue cycling road users about.
Because it's Sydney's major working class newspaper. Read by a lot of people that we share the roads with...
working class ...

I work in a very "working class" suburb. Blacktown.

I have very little trouble while riding to work in the traffic about Blacktown - even considering that it is almost 8am while I am on Blacktown Rd & Sunnyholt (prior to turning off)

I would say that the drivers that have trouble with cyclists come from more affluent suburbs - where they think it is a right to drive (not an obligation)

The article is purely to incite a response - just not a good one towards cyclists.

Worse was the article written by Bill McKinnon in Top Gear mag recently (not the last one). If you want a transcript of the article, send me a PM.
I don't challenge your assertion that you have a pretty good run thorugh Blacktown.

But I would say that a lot of riders in here, including me, have commonly experienced agression on the roads from the following "worst offender" types:

Couriers in bongo vans
Bus Drivers
Tradies in work utes
the following "worst offender" types:
Couriers in bongo vans
Bus Drivers
Tradies in work utes

I don't think it would matter if you were a bicycle rider, moto rider or other motorists for that selection.

Having worked as a moto courier for 6 years, I found that bunch to be a danger to everyone on the road

Oddly enough, I can add young women in small cars to this list.
Airport shuttle mini buses!

A few years ago I nearly got taken out by some luggage falling out the back of the box trailer.


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