The Dot Lane east-west route through Leichhardt is open

The Kollector cafe adjacent to the western end of Dot Lane has built a deck across the locked gate blocking access through the Forum delivery area and in the process the gate has been painted and the lock removed so that the gate is now permanently open.

The deck is in the way and this means a two step ascent/descent at this point. I suspect that the cafe has built its deck over public laneway as this space has been used as car parking for years.

The Government has promised $$ to open up this route as a low traffic bike route to the north of and parallel to Parramatta Road and the IWC is to announce details this month. Perhaps this is a move by the cafe to stake a claim before this occurs.

The route links Pyrmont Bridge Road in the east with Sloane and Ramsey Streets in Haberfield in the west via Cahill Street, McCarthy lane, Albion and Redmond Streets, car parks on Hay and Balmain Roads, Dot and Renwick lanes, Jarrett, Albert and Flood Streets, Lords Road and the underpass to Lords Street, Haberfield.

I would think that the cafe would benefit from the location changing from a pokey laneway to a well used pedestrian and cycle route which provides a destination at the southern end of Norton Street which is not the traffic disaster of Parramatta Road or the Forum dead zone.

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The hours posted on the front of the building reveal that Kollector is closed on Tuesdays but open on the other weekdays 7am to 3pm and weekends 8am to 4pm. Seems to be a second hand car dealership with coffees.

If only I had kept that old VW type 3, it’s apparently worth $12800 now.

do you have to get people having a coffee to move before you can go through the gate?

It wasn’t clear to me the other day when I took this photo  if this was going to be a little seating area or what.

If the 56 Beetle is anything like my 65 was before I sold it, there won't be too much steel included!

OK Bob, can I meet you at Kollectors for a coffee to find out. Of course we would both cycle there. The owners might realise that there is a potential new customer group.


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