The Dot Lane east-west route through Leichhardt is open

The Kollector cafe adjacent to the western end of Dot Lane has built a deck across the locked gate blocking access through the Forum delivery area and in the process the gate has been painted and the lock removed so that the gate is now permanently open.

The deck is in the way and this means a two step ascent/descent at this point. I suspect that the cafe has built its deck over public laneway as this space has been used as car parking for years.

The Government has promised $$ to open up this route as a low traffic bike route to the north of and parallel to Parramatta Road and the IWC is to announce details this month. Perhaps this is a move by the cafe to stake a claim before this occurs.

The route links Pyrmont Bridge Road in the east with Sloane and Ramsey Streets in Haberfield in the west via Cahill Street, McCarthy lane, Albion and Redmond Streets, car parks on Hay and Balmain Roads, Dot and Renwick lanes, Jarrett, Albert and Flood Streets, Lords Road and the underpass to Lords Street, Haberfield.

I would think that the cafe would benefit from the location changing from a pokey laneway to a well used pedestrian and cycle route which provides a destination at the southern end of Norton Street which is not the traffic disaster of Parramatta Road or the Forum dead zone.

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There should be a Cycleway along Pyrmont Bridge Rd from the Foreshore path to Banks St when the new Fishmarket is built. Can then use Bulwarra and Miller/Union to avoid the narrow final bit of PB Rd.

Hey Bill, IWC planners now are saying they will be asking for a shared path along Parramatta Rd from Norton to Balmain, rather than a Dismount and Walk  section. This change came about because they reckon all the shops there have set back entries or glass fronts, so that people leaving shops have a good view of the footpath. Also, they want the Bus Lane reinstated. Cyclists could use that city bound.

The Inner West Council section of the $198 million "Urban Amenity Improvement Plan" (UAIP) has finally reached "preliminary proposal" stage and will come up to the IWC Traffic Committee on 2/12/19.

The shared footpath along Balmain Road as far as CentreLink is there but no mention of how one actually gets to the start of it at Parramatta Road! Was it too hard so they ignored the problem?

The big surprise is a plan to run a 4m east-west shared path through the Bald Faced Stag private car park next to CentreLink and the RMS unofficial car park next door. I notice that they describe the area as "existing public car park". I wonder whether the Stag or the RMS have been consulted yet.

Further along Balmain Road there is a short section of cycleway which is between the footpath and parked cars with the usual problem of passengers unloading into the cycleway with no regard for passing cyclists. Another door-strike cycleway!

Any opportunities for comment?

You can address the Traffic Committee on 2/12/19 or you can wait a few months till the next version of the plans appear on IWC Your Say site. or you can email the member of the IWC staff concerned, (see the Agenda).

The details are in Item 11 of the agenda,

To arrange to speak, you could email

Addressing the traffic comm will be hard, as I shall be home in Geneve. I Think the email Option will be Right for me!

Bill, last item on the TC is interesting. They now want to reinstate trailer parking on half of Darley Rd. Hope you will oppose that.

G'day Bob, I did a trailer count on Friday: Darley north side = 5, Darley south side = 15, side streets (same streets as the Council survey) = 13 of which 4 were in William Street and 5  in Flood Street, the majority parked outside Aquilla or Cyclops.

These numbers indicate that 15 of the original 20 on the north side have moved to the south side and side street parking has increased by 2 - hardly worth making a fuss with the RMS about.

I checked the rego status of the 5 on Darley north side and all were in rego which is not surprising in view of the recent reduction in trailer rego cost (to zero !! in the case of privately owned sub-250kg size trailers).

However traffic speed down Darley Street from James Street is a problem. The refuge after Charles Street has just been wiped out (again).

Last time IWBC spoke to the Council they said RMS and BFStag were consulted about the path. It would be at the north end, next to the Centre Link wall, so not too much effect on BFStag. For once, RMS might be trumped by Greater Sydney Commission and the Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Project (mouthful!), but it’s no skin off their nose, their Car Park was in response to complaints by shopkeepers when they put in 24 hour Bus Lanes, which I believe are now to be taken out (?), and more cyclists should be more business anyway.

Council also said they would be asking for a shared path along Parramatta Rd between Balmain Rd and Norton, since prospects for the Dot Lane link still seem remote. Maybe they chickened out and have not mentioned this in the Traffic Cttee agenda.

i think Stephen Joannidis at IWC is in charge of the PRUAIP.

At Traffic Committee today (2/12/19), Stephen Joannidis told me that they had indeed been talking to the owners of the Stag and had agreed on a 4m wide easement at the northern end of the Stag's car park. This has the advantage of not decreasing the site area and hence the site ratio should the Stag ever want to redevelop the site.

So miracles can happen. Now the Council just has to do the same for the three lots and the Forum car park which block the route from Norton Street to Dot lane.

The deck that Kollector built is now demolished (including the Kollector advertising sign), see photo. The gate locking bolt has been fixed (but the hinges are still attached by a couple of weak-looking welds as before). I presume that Kollector never managed to kollect enough customers.

The Stag still has construction barriers around its parking lot. It is currently only open Wednesday to Sunday from 12 noon. I am sure it could do with some more customers too.


Mark you, Kollector's deck was built on a next door lot and blocked access to the Forum's gate (on another lot) so perhaps these neighbours did the demolition.

Note that to get access through to Dot Lane for cyclists, one would have to sort out access through 4 lots - DP's 110596-1, 431984-1, 193368 and the Forum SP50919.


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