The Italians are coming!


If you're one of the dedicated followers of world pro tour cycling then tonight's your night! The Giro kicks off at crazy o'clock in the morning and we'll be up cheering on 'our' Cadel. SBS has also taken the bold (awesome!) step of screening every stage live. More info from Tomo in his blog post and the whole TV schedule linked here for your viewing pleasure.

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thats awesome! - I thought I read somewhere they were showing all stages but  when I checked a week back the website only had limited stages.

great news

  "I'm just a cyclist" (from BBC)  

Great story.

I'm going to a Giro Breakfast at Leichhardt Aquatic centre (aKA the pool) on Tuesday, with a free spin class in the gym thrown in. Sounds a bit weird, but we apparently do the class while watching highlights.

Stage 1 broadcast  finishes at 5:15 am.

Just in time to go out for ride!

There is a Cycle Fest on Eurosport just now, starting with Women's T de Britain, then Four Days of Dunkirk, Tour d'Azerbaijan, Singapore Criterium, LeMond, but no Giro tonight it seems, not until tomorrow.
Neutralised stage?
Too slippery due to rain and cobbles so they rode but did not race, at least until I called it quits.
After a wet stage or two in Ireland I guess they were annoyed at finding the rain followed them.

I watched it, and was falling asleep until they picked up the pace about 50km from the end.

Come to think about it, if they raced all the way to the end they may have well missed the last lap downpour. 

Ah the benefit of hindsight.

Are we allowed to talk about TOC here as well?

Rohan Dennis closing the gap on Wiggins (2nd on GC, 24 secs behind)

Is newbie Adam Yates forcing his way into the Greenedge TdF team? (4th on today's HC stage)

That was an intense stage, don't see this sort of racing at TdF from memory!

shh, I'll be watching the recorded race while I work today

a little disappointing there isn't that much commentary on the history of the areas they ride through, whereas for the TdF there's often an overload ...


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