The Italians are coming!


If you're one of the dedicated followers of world pro tour cycling then tonight's your night! The Giro kicks off at crazy o'clock in the morning and we'll be up cheering on 'our' Cadel. SBS has also taken the bold (awesome!) step of screening every stage live. More info from Tomo in his blog post and the whole TV schedule linked here for your viewing pleasure.

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Sheeps wool shorts do seem like a good idea sometimes.

Was probably me and have to as I've got exostosis of the ears and have already had both ears drilled out and it's not something I want to go through another 2 times. If I ride without protection I can feel them growing back and they are already 60% & 75% closed off.

Almost as good as being back there, or maybe better, since I don't have to pedal, they are following parts of my route in 2015 though in reverse. Stunning  aerial shots of the hill towns and country sides. Rohan Denis in pink. Mt Etna tomorrow.

 Great stage last night to the Gran Sasso, or Big Rock, a very large mountain in the Abruzzo region, east of Rome. 

40 km climb tothe finish! 

Simon Yates from Ireland a worthy winner, out gunning the diminutive  Pozzovivo- how does he get those chunky legs to go round so fast - , who looked likely to win about a kilometre out and Chavez. Commentator Sean Kelly through the roof. Froome fades. 

Yates takes the easy way down via chair lift afterwards

Poor old Yates in pink has cracked and dropped 7 minutes to most of the other GC riders on the Sestriere climb. Froome has gone out solo with 80 Ks to go! 

And Froome won the Giro, after maintaining his lead easily on the penultimate stage. Bit of an anti climax, after all the drama of Yates' effort over the preceding week. Maybe it was very clever of Froome to save himself right to the last to do the hero 80 km escape and win. Sky still under a cloud over therapeutic enhancers, so he could yet lose the title.

and UCI comes across as the most limp-wristed sporting organisation once again.

All that testing and no one wants to categorically clear Froome to ride without a cloud over him for what? 9 months? Babies have been made in that time.


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