The Goods Line / Devonshire Street pedestrian walkway / Devonshire street

Hi.  With the goods line open you can now get from Bourke to Powerhouse museum with only one dismount when entering central station at Chalmers & Devonshire until you reach the tunnel's "non station" bit and can ride down its entire length, under George Street busstop, down the Goods line.

It is, obviously, full of pedestrians, a 1m wide staircase, and chicaney bits on the Goods Line itself.  And Devonshire Street proper is a bit of a hill, leading to Chalmers, and some wiggling, to get to the Chalmers Street lift / steps.!-33.8881!151.2156

Now Good Line has Shared Use Path signs on them.  As does Chalmers.  And as we know, only a road or end of path or no SUP (or a few others) terminates a SUP.  Which means that bits linked to Chalmers SUP / Goods Line SUP of Railway Square, Little Regent, Lee Street, Regent, Cleveland, Chalmers, Railway Square, Pitt Street, Eddy Avenue, George Street, Quay, Bijou, Thomas, Ultimo Road, Harris Street may now (consult a solicitor and construction engineer) be lawful to ride on.  Legal isn't sensible obviously.

If you see or hear of anyone busted for so-called "footpath" cycling in these areas, let them or their solicitor know about the SUP link through the Devonshire tunnel / Goods to challenge the ticket.

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I use the goods line routinely.

Have to be careful about 'trip' hazards especially in the dark

When I went through the infrastructure I mapped a number of "chicanes" as traffic calming devices.  That's okay.  The 30cm drop offs into sporting equipment aren't :)

Where is the "non-station bit" in the tunnel? When it gets to Lee St?

The non-station bit is the 250-300m between the start of the "tunnel" 30-40m after Chalmers all the way through to Lee.  The station bit is the first 30-40m between Chalmers and the start of the tunnel proper.

As far as I can tell the "station bit" is the white square here:,151.2066604,19.93z?hl=en

RMS lists the tunnel as cycle way.

The Station "no cycling sign" is posted at the station entrance and at the point where the white square underground plaza begins.

Mural: Not station.  Paint: Station.

Overhead sign marks the "remount" location.

The rest lacks Sydney Trains / NSW Trains station signs indicating that the path is covered by the Transport Act fine for bicycling on a station, thus it is covered by the Shared Use Path signs on Goods Line.  So not at Lee street, at 25m North West of the end of the stairs.

I don't think it would be rideable 8-9.30am, 4.30-6.30pm.  But it is (IANAL) lawful to ride.  And it is a 5-10km/h ride.

Not sure about "station" / "non-station" bits, RMS, in whom we all have great trust says (Cycleway Finder) that the whole section from the steps down from Devonshire through to beyond George is a continuous Shared Path of 346 m, all maintained by "council" CoS. They don't though have anything on the "Goods Line" itself, too new maybe?

Goods Line is definitely too new.  Cycleway finder has a public service update schedule.  The "station" bit MAY be a shared use path under the Road Regulations, but under the Transport Act the "station" bit commences with a sign saying fines under the Transport Act (ie: railways act) for riding a bicycle apply to that area, as indicated by no such signs at the Lee Street end, and signs at the Chalmers Street interface with the station.

So while it might still be a Shared Use Path in the meaning of the Road regulations as a continuity of Chalmers Street and Goods Line, it is also covered by the Transport Act as part of a railway station.

I mapped the "station" bit as "bicycle=dismount" for openstreetmap.  Not that opencyclemap shows dismounts.

Presumably what matters is who is watching and within range

This is also true, but I do prefer letting people know when they're likely to get off if they challenge it.  I can't find the regulation that empowers Sydney Trains to stop you riding a bicycle in that area, but seems relevant:

68E (2) A person must not drive a vehicle […] on or along:

(a) a platform or a pathway, subway or other way on railway premises, …  [$550]

Although CoS maintains the tunnel Sydney Trains might own it, as there is rail track above it most of the way to Lee St. I suppose there would be a section in an Act some where about how far underneath tracks the railway "owns", and probably some dusty MOU between CoS and Rail about maintenance. Further digging needed! (Literally and figuratively, as a new tunnel would be nice.)

And the definition of 'vehicle' & 'drive' are in there, distinct from the road-rules definition.


Probably vague & exclusive enough for us not to fret.

I remember this from a few years ago about busking in the tunnel


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