OK, for anyone interested, let's set up some parameters...
Firstly, please make this as FUN or as COMPETITIVE as you like. This is not a war (that's the other thread!). Ultimately, none of us is a champ, we're only competing against ourselves, except in my case (I'm competing against Neil Alexander). Feel free to post good times, crap times and times explained with lots of excuses. 
Race course is from the pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Awaba, to the bicycle sign on the left, just before the circle. Trundling starts allowed, flying starts VERBOTEN.  
It'd be nice if you can explain what kind of bike and/or gearing you've got, but this is not a formula race, you don't have to.
If it gets interesting we can break it into racers, MTBs, recumbents, fixies and unicycles.
Feel free to claim division prizes! At the moment I'm pushing for 1. racer 2. oldest 3. fattest heaviest.
Lastly, can we try and keep at least new times chronologically LINEAR?? IE don't hit "reply to" but post in the big message space just below this message. Means it'll pop up at the end of the thread and we can all admire it? 
On your marks?

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Hillbrick racer, compact crank 50-34. (oh all right and I'll confess, rear cassette 11- errr ... 28!)

First run 3:17
Second run 3:11
Third run (you're kidding right?)

Some half decent cyclist should be able to beat 3 mins easy ...
lol! too good!
time - 2.45
course - junction to junction
gear - 39x25
bike - scott addict
sensation - pain

additional handicap - work rucksack - just so I have an excuse when the time gets beaten.

and yes, i'm a fully paid up, lycra clad, roadie.
Now was the second junction the circle, or the junction with Military Road? Please tell me it's the former!!!

PS I left the circle out of the course cos 1. you don't want to compromise safety by jumping into the circle recklessly when on a good time 2. I was knackered and over it.

If you went to Military Rd, feel free to return and post an even more impressive time :-\
i went to Military rd, but I agree with your course and the reasons. I'll post another time soon enough.........

But remember, I'm still oldest and fattest! Sub-three by next week ...
Your "oldest" tag is unlikely to last beyond the weekend. :)

The times posted so far make 8mins look pretty sick.
BTW, it's Spit Rd. If anyone can get to Military Rd in under three minutes they should take Cadel's place in the team.
2:52 first run
2:28 second run - with a beach ball between the hoods
I don't think you should allow excuses - Neil Alexander has too many of them. ;-)
For those of us that travel west of the city, perhaps there could be something similar for Lilyfield Road. Canal road to James street (traffic lights). Who's up for that?
Not a bad idea. I think we'd have to do it twice to make it comparable to Awaba street.


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