The Great Somerville Rd (Hornsby Heights) TT 2012 and beyond

I know it's a long shot that anyone will be interested because this is farther away than many of you inner-city types go on your holidays but... some weekend...
If anyone can be bothered, I'll set up the standard SC TT parameters:
TT course is from the "3km winding road" sign at the bottom of the climb, to the gate marking the entrance to (or, in the uphill cyclist's case, the exit from) the Berowra Valley Regional Park. According to my Garmin, it's a distance of 2.46km and it's all sealed.
Trundling starts allowed, flying starts VERBOTEN.
It'd be nice if you can explain what kind of bike and/or gearing you have, but this is not a formula race, you don't have to.
If it gets interesting we can break it into racers, MTBs, recumbents, fixies, tandems and unicycles.
Feel free to claim division prizes such as: 1. racer 2. oldest 3. fattest heaviest.
Lastly, can we try and keep at least new times chronologically LINEAR?? IE don't hit "reply" but post in the big message space just below this message. Means it'll pop up at the end of the thread and we can all admire it.
Please make this as FUN or as COMPETITIVE as you like.
Feel free to post good times, crap times and times explained with lots of excuses.
On your marks? GO!
(With apologies/thanks to Michael O')

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Have you created the route on Strava? or is that equal to this segment :  ;

*that moves the ending point just a litte bit more to the pole where the Gravel Road sign used to be.

(or more dramatically , to where the Google Maps cameras fear to thread ) 

Just fyi, its a very nice spot to go down to, , couple of picnic area , BBQ pits  , with a flying-fox type contraption for kids- although, please don't make them cycle back up.  

Cripes, you two blokes jumped in quickly. Even before I had managed to quote you.

Inspired by PeterT's recent attempt, I decided to take a look for myself. It is a beautiful place to go, especially on a quiet weekday but, as Peter says, you need good brakes to go down there in the first place and the surface is not overly smooth. It is quite a narrow road, too, so take care.

I managed the specified 2.46km distance in 11:42, a massive average speed of 12.6km/h.

Bike was a Scott Speedster (most inappropriately named, apparently) aluminium frame with carbon fork, 20-spd roadie with drop bars and compact crankset (yes, I do have one, Mr O'!) and I did need the 34x28 bottom gear for a short while.

Rider is in the over-50 class, weight 78kg with clothes on.

I feel very confident that this performance will not be hard to beat by any keen SC'er.

That climb makes quite a contrast to the one on the Turramurra side of Bobbin Head. Inspired by Paul's tale here, I tried it on the way home from the Somerville TT. For the 3.6km (over a kilometre farther) I rode it in the big chainring (50T) in more than a minute less time (10:30)

oooh, looks like this weekend will be the 4 gorges ride... now to do this section first or last...? hmmmm.

*note to self, tighten/super glue brakepads, 

I feel very confident that this performance will not be hard to beat by any keen SC'er

Jeeze talk about setting a target. My time for was 19:01 with the awesome average of 8kmh

Specs? Well, clearly I need every single advantage I can get, but don't want to rile the anti-consumerism activists.

Let's just say  : Carbon roadie, carbon wheels, 2x11, compacts x 12-27 cassette (only because it doesn't come any bigger). 

Rider specs over 40 class, weight = heavy , and heavier with clothes on.

'I rode it in the big chainring (50T) in more than a minute less time (10:30)'

Neil! You're the self-appointed chief pedant around here... can you please explain what this sentence actually *means* (leaving aside the fact that, with no final punctuation point, it's not technically a sentence...)??

For your infraction, I have hit 'reply-to', as instructed not to, so don't let me catch you out on two wheels with loose grammar again. :-)


I knew I was leaving myself open to cop flak for that.

No, not leaving out the full stop. All the rest.

Big hills can do that to people. I cannot understand anything, well apart from "wheatgerm" of what this bloke is saying...

So do those start and finish points correspond to this Strava segment (remember if it's not on Strava, it didn't happen)?


so is Awaba the fun part of training for TGSR or is TGSR training for Awaba fun?

(this may help choose the bike which will be best to blame for shabby time(s))

Paul, this pretty much your segment based on speed and laptime|1839 , for some reason creating a segment stage from that is kooky and tweaking it does all sorts of funky stuff.

I created one segment based off my own ride but the starting point keeps moving around after the segment is created and it doesn't match with your time. Besides, there are already 3 segments created for that section and I've been accused of creating dumb segments.... anyway, I've classed creating this segment into the "too hard" basket and will use the lap feature too, well, provided I don't pass out at the top.

Oh Jeeze, I've done it now!

Strava Ginch.

From what I can see Peter, one of the biggest benefits of being a paid up Strava member is that you get the privilege of making up your own dumb segments.

Colour me green! I'm envious of your dumb segment!!

If I ever shell out for membership, you will probably laugh at one of mine :~)      


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