The Great Somerville Rd (Hornsby Heights) TT 2012 and beyond

I know it's a long shot that anyone will be interested because this is farther away than many of you inner-city types go on your holidays but... some weekend...
If anyone can be bothered, I'll set up the standard SC TT parameters:
TT course is from the "3km winding road" sign at the bottom of the climb, to the gate marking the entrance to (or, in the uphill cyclist's case, the exit from) the Berowra Valley Regional Park. According to my Garmin, it's a distance of 2.46km and it's all sealed.
Trundling starts allowed, flying starts VERBOTEN.
It'd be nice if you can explain what kind of bike and/or gearing you have, but this is not a formula race, you don't have to.
If it gets interesting we can break it into racers, MTBs, recumbents, fixies, tandems and unicycles.
Feel free to claim division prizes such as: 1. racer 2. oldest 3. fattest heaviest.
Lastly, can we try and keep at least new times chronologically LINEAR?? IE don't hit "reply" but post in the big message space just below this message. Means it'll pop up at the end of the thread and we can all admire it.
Please make this as FUN or as COMPETITIVE as you like.
Feel free to post good times, crap times and times explained with lots of excuses.
On your marks? GO!
(With apologies/thanks to Michael O')

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nah, I'm not a paid up member and can make segments. 

What you do is click and drag a section on the elevation/performance chart and chart will resize, as well as  the corresponding area will be marked in blue on the map.

On the right of the map there will be a Create a New Segment button.

Go through the prompts and voilà! and you work hard enough at it, you can even get to be in the running for dumbest segment contest, :)

....and what is "Ginch" ? - I sure hope you are not meaning the (UK, taboo, slang) version.... although I don't know why you would mean the (context, Canadian, slang) version either... 

Sorry - Grinch - just the regular version.

After I posted earlier I went onto Strava and realised that I can make a segment of my own - So I did Golf Course Southerly Flogging - my most hated part of going home - by 4:30pm there is usually a decent breeze blowing into my face.

I was KOM for about 3 minutes until my segment was populated by 146 people faster than me.

How exciting. Now to find the dumbest segment of all!

I created a segment called "Mosman rat run" that is a dumb gong contender ...

I'll be in hornsby later this week maybe, i'll have to make this detour on my way home.

Doing it on the way home will mean i'll have my excuses at the ready as i will have climbed up from Valley road/rosemead Av in Hornsby prior to this climb.   

Are you planning this as a group event this Sunday or are we to go there separately without witnesses?  Is there a wooden spoon prize?

Of course there is a wooden spoon... are you intending to take away my only prize for

a/ posting my times

b/ busting a gut to complete this ?

I would be up for a group event, but not til after noon. 

 IE don't hit "reply" but post in the big message space just below this message. Means it'll pop up at the end of the thread and we can all admire it.

Here, for your admiration.

18:50 according to strava

19:43 according to Garmin Lap time

Even minus the 3 minutes of cramp resolution pretty much means  I probably couldn't go any faster.

Carbon racer, alu wheels.

Excuses , I've had a few, but than again, too few to mention

.... actually I don't want to crash the ning server.

I had a go at this climb this morning and managed a 9:08 on the "Crosslands Climb (within the Park)" Strava segment This was on my CF racing bike with compact chainrings and a 25 on the back (and the 25 was used liberally during the climb).

I'll put that time up for the over 50 category :)

On the other end of the age spectrum, I might also mention Michael Potter, who currently has the fastest time on this segment (8:33), he is only 15 and is already setting times like this on climbs as well as racing A grade at the Beaumont Road crits! What makes it even more impresive is that his Dad is a quadraplegic after being taken out by a car while on his bike (while training at Homebush).

He (Michael) probably did that time when it was unsealed too...

Yeah I noticed that too, and wondered when the road was sealed. Still, he could have done it riding on the verge. Speaking of which, we gave kudos to the MTBer we saw at at West Head yesterday. Despite it being a fantastic road (hotmix, no traffic) he was keepin' it real by riding on the dirt verge alongside the road.

About half an hour later I set a PB on the Akuna Bay climb, knocking off almost a minute. But I don't feel any more ready to take on Crosslands. Based on my average speed up the "steep bit" of Akuna, which has a similar average gradient to but is ~half the length off Crosslands I'd come in about 20th. But then I see there are many better climbers I know below that on the list.

Theory is one thing and...

The road has been sealed for more than a year now. I did an exploratory ride in August last year which was maybe a month or two after they sealed it.


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