The Great Somerville Rd (Hornsby Heights) TT 2012 and beyond

I know it's a long shot that anyone will be interested because this is farther away than many of you inner-city types go on your holidays but... some weekend...
If anyone can be bothered, I'll set up the standard SC TT parameters:
TT course is from the "3km winding road" sign at the bottom of the climb, to the gate marking the entrance to (or, in the uphill cyclist's case, the exit from) the Berowra Valley Regional Park. According to my Garmin, it's a distance of 2.46km and it's all sealed.
Trundling starts allowed, flying starts VERBOTEN.
It'd be nice if you can explain what kind of bike and/or gearing you have, but this is not a formula race, you don't have to.
If it gets interesting we can break it into racers, MTBs, recumbents, fixies, tandems and unicycles.
Feel free to claim division prizes such as: 1. racer 2. oldest 3. fattest heaviest.
Lastly, can we try and keep at least new times chronologically LINEAR?? IE don't hit "reply" but post in the big message space just below this message. Means it'll pop up at the end of the thread and we can all admire it.
Please make this as FUN or as COMPETITIVE as you like.
Feel free to post good times, crap times and times explained with lots of excuses.
On your marks? GO!
(With apologies/thanks to Michael O')

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According to it was sealed some time between 20/10/09:

and 27/2/10:

I'm curious why the person named it Crosslands climb when there is Crosslands road in Galston that leads opposite the river.  *hint hint*

Sounds like I've got my next week ride sorted! ... I hope Crosslands Road is nice and tarmac'd .

Worryingly it doesn't look like anyone has strava'ed it.

Closest I can see is :

*cough* CX bike vollie to recce the ride? 

38% you say? Hmmmm, maybe a change of scenery and testing out cottage point might be a better idea next week.

Crosslands Road has a sign near the top saying that it is a private road (or something along those lines), which is probably why there isn't a segment for it.

Agreed - I did a reccie on the north side on my single speed MTB. It is unsealed and bumpy. I passed a couple of private property signs before I got to a level of steepness that I knew I wouldn't be able to ride back up so I turned.

I didn't know a road in Berowra Valley Regional Park was private property.

Not that I'm keen to go on an unsealed road ... and too steep you say ?

Well it sounds like someone might want to create a MTB TT out of it...

It looks like it is the Crosslands Youth and Convention Centre. I can't see any reason why you should be prevented from riding down to the car park and back.

When I said "too steep" I meant on my 42x16. Definitely doable on a fully geared MTB and maybe on a crosser but not on roadie tyres.

My idea was to do a 4 sides of Galston ride with 2 x Crosslands and 2 x Galston Road.

Isn’t 42/ 16 a touch too big for a ss mtn bike? I was thinking of using my 29er @ 36/ 18

Should have no trouble using that bit of road. We have had parents pick up and drop off kids, and also park overnight on both sides of the river when using the scout camp across the creek from the convention center (no road into the scout camp only in out by dingy or canoe)

The great north walk www may be worth a look. I can’t be arsed to dig out my walking maps

That bike is used as a commuter rather than MTB hence the 42x16. You could probably get up at 36x18 but it would still be tough.

I've tried the great north walk and not much is ridable around Crosslands. It's also on the other (Hornsby) side of the river.

Just from looking at Michael I would say that he would be lucky to be 50kg dripping wet. Mind you every time I see him he seems to have grown a bit more.

Where is your daily commute, I didn't think there were that many climbs tougher than that around Sydney?

...and by growing a bit more, further decrease his BMI? Soon he'll be changing his name to Miguel el Pottroza and riding for Movistar...


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