The high cost of the useless Moore Park cycle bridge

Hi all, you may be interested in this little video from EcoTransit's Gavin Gatenby regarding the excessive $38 million cost of the Moore Park cycle and pedestrian bridge – which, as anyone who lives in the area knows – is rarely used by cyclists or pedestrians, being in completely the wrong place for a start!

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State governments in Australia are horribly corrupt.

It's quite staggering once it is put in the context of what other projects costs.

I don't know why people think it is a cycling bridge. You can't even ride on it. So I don't criticise it on those grounds. People say it is ugly and that does not bother me either. The cost of course is an issue and in as much as the $$ may have been diverted from cycling facilities (perhaps why people think it is for cycling) it is a negative. But I did read that this claim had not been substantiated.

What I do know comes from the time I was at the bridge for a few hours in the middle of a weekday prior to the last state election. We were handing out ACP voting material. There were so many people walking over the bridge that three of us were flat out. There were mobs of people using the bridge to get to a cricket game. Where they were all coming from (and it was not car parking on the park) I don't know. I suspect they had walked from Central. But there were large numbers of pedestrians using the bridge. In itself that is very good.

Busy for a cricket game...that's right. Other

Seems like the whole thing was a crooked deal to benefit two groups: the SCG and the construction company. And the state government, via kickbacks from those two groups.

You can't even ride on it.

What do you mean by you can't ride on it? It is a shared path and has been called a pedestrian/cycling bridge in official communications.

Multiple mentions of cycling and cyclists here:

It often has "cyclists dismount" signs at each end, generally at the times they expect increased cricket/football fan traffic at which times they have security persons telling the cyclists to dismount or go away

Not sure if you have been there Jay. The no cycling signs looked pretty much a fixture to me, although I was only there once myself.

What no cycling signs? Are we talking about the same bridge here?

Or do you mean those trailer mounted electronic signs that were there last summer? They are long gone. 

No, signs saying "cyclists dismount" or similar that were (in March) fixed to the balustrades just below the handrail on the city side of the bridge. Are they gone now?

I don't recall seeing any signs of that type at any point, and there are definitely no such signs there now.

There was, for a short time, a trailer signboard back in March, someone posted a pic to this thread :

(see the Instagram link)

In summary - there are no signs there now banning cycling. It is written all over the RMS site that it is for cyclists and pedestrians.

From my observations - of the small number of people using it, cyclists are probably a 2:1 majority.

I've seen CMD signs for ever game I've been to at the SCG/SFS, including the cricket world cup. Last one was the Tahs semi final which was about 5 weeks ago.

The CMD signs seem to go up ONLY when there is an event on at the SCG or SFS, when there are more pedestrians about. At all other times, it is a cycling and pedestrian bridge.


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