The high cost of the useless Moore Park cycle bridge

Hi all, you may be interested in this little video from EcoTransit's Gavin Gatenby regarding the excessive $38 million cost of the Moore Park cycle and pedestrian bridge – which, as anyone who lives in the area knows – is rarely used by cyclists or pedestrians, being in completely the wrong place for a start!

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Was it fully paid out of cycling budget? I thought it was - and yet Cyclists Dismount signs displayed in the photo...

Too funny. NSW Government is sounding a lot like Auburn Council used to sound like. Corrupt and clueless.


Yeah they sometimes put those there on match days. Not legally enforceable.

I usually tip the sign face down on the grass on my way through.   



In your submission to the Moore Park Stadium proposal, insist that the REMOVAL OF THE TIBBY COTTER BRIDGE be a condition of approval for the  re-building of the stadium

Why would you want that?

It may have been ludicrously expensive and in the wrong place but honestly it's pretty good to ride over.

What would you be hoping to achieve in removing it now?


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