The high cost of the useless Moore Park cycle bridge

Hi all, you may be interested in this little video from EcoTransit's Gavin Gatenby regarding the excessive $38 million cost of the Moore Park cycle and pedestrian bridge – which, as anyone who lives in the area knows – is rarely used by cyclists or pedestrians, being in completely the wrong place for a start!

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I suppose we might estimate that $38m costs $3m/year, as if this were an interest calculation.

So, the cost of a pedestrian or cyclist crossing is approx $3m divided by the number of crossings per year.

In terms of cycling, there are probably higher priorities due to higher volumes and bottlenecks.

Such as a ramp at the north end of the Harbour bridge, and a decent path through North Sydney.

That reminds me, Akubras off for Matty Hayman! ( winner of Paris Roubaix for any not into the pain and punishment).

Another caveat, I think people have been pinged for not dismounting at those Lang Rd and Driver Rd crossings. No provision for cyclists.

A bridge from Moore Park at Moore Park Rd to Flinders St would be the ideal solution I reckon. I think it has been looked at and one reason for not proceeding is that it would encroach on an ANZAC memorial there. But some well designed structure could surely avoid that, or it could be shifted over to the other important ANZAC site at Kippax Lake, where a march of volunteers assembled in 1915. (SCG Sports Trust trust are apparently happy to ignore this in their plans for a new stadium there.)

It gets even funnier! Today the nsw government release some more details about the light rail stop in moore park.

They are going to build another pedestrian bridge over anzac parade, just down the road from that white elpehant, the tibby cotter bridge!!!

There's a video of it in this news story!

It indicates just how much damage Anzac Pde does to its surroundings. It's a barrier so dangerous that we need to build numerous expensive bridges to cross it.

Additionally you can see it as a political issue, where the interests of the people driving on Anzac Pde are preferred to the interests of the people crossing it on foot or bike, who are forced to climb and descend.

You'd hope that building a parallel tram line would enable the narrowing of Anzac Pde, but unfortunately that didn't seem to be on anybody's radar.

The Tibby Cotter bridge has lost $10m of cost in that article

What's the logic in building another bridge nearby, why not put the tram stop at the Tibby Cotter bridge

And, what's the capacity of a $2.1B cycleway?

Nobody hardly uses the current bridge. Another is a waste. For 100K traffic lights can be put in so ppl can walk directly across.
Ped bridges are built for cars benefit not for peds.

Exactly. So much of the design is tiptoes around Anzac Pde and ensures that "no car driver shall be inconvenienced". The chopping down of the trees is another example - those trees could have been saved by having the tram use the existing roadspace.

And the bridge is presented as pedestrian budget

Most peds would rather wait for the pedestrian light rather than climb up onto a bridge

BTW I noticed that the trams are not using the existing bus lanes, they have reduced the park lane to get the trams in.  I guess it was too much inconvenience to SOC's to have the left lane of Anzac pde being a bus lane for a couple of hours a day

There are already existing traffic lights in that spot !!!

Yep, we saw a lot more people crossing there than the bridge on match day last Saturday. How nice would the area be if they could chop out a lane or two of cars?


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