The high cost of the useless Moore Park cycle bridge

Hi all, you may be interested in this little video from EcoTransit's Gavin Gatenby regarding the excessive $38 million cost of the Moore Park cycle and pedestrian bridge – which, as anyone who lives in the area knows – is rarely used by cyclists or pedestrians, being in completely the wrong place for a start!

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To paraphrase Duncan Gay on another infrastructure issue, "Ok in principle but in the wrong place". Perhaps we should remove or move the Albert Tibby Cotter bridge, but that would be a waste of time and money wouldn't it.

ATC bridge = Anyways That`s Crap bridge.

The only reason I can think that they wanted to include the word 'bicycle' in context with the bridge is to relate costs to bicycle infrastructure funding


Just noticed there is actually a bike route sign at both ends of the bridge. 

This pretty much dispels any doubt whether we are allowed to use it. It also renders those match day trailer signs irrelevant. A bike route doesn't suddenly cease to exist because there's a bloody cricket match on.

Seen on 7news tonight that had said the Tibby Cotter Bridge is unjustified and stated the politicians wanted it finished before the World Cup cricket started. It caused the cost blown out.

My word on this, that it should not comes from the cycling funds.

In case people aren't across this yet - Sunday's Radio National 'Background Briefing' (which has been mentioned elsewhere in the media since) about the grand land-grab in Moore Park, and the role in this of the Tibby Cotter Bridge - in terms of the land-grab for Moore Park, it's perhaps less a 'white elephant', more a 'Trojan horse':

With the loops, it must drive pedestrians insane!

Just today I thought about the cost of the Tibby Cotter bridge when I saw that there is a plan to build a bridge over the Jardine River up on Cape York. The cost of building the desperately needed, 60m long bridge (a similar length to the gap the TC bridge needed to span), over crocodile infested waters, in a remote location has been put at just $10m. It's just insane that the cost of the Tibby Cotter bridge (so far) has ended up being $38m given the relative simplicity of its design, location etc.

I wanted to hate this bridge, I really did. For all the reasons outlined here.

I commute from the East to CBD, and head along Driver Ave, nicer than Anzac shared path. The other week I thought I'd give the Bridge a go. It's a nice ride. The little extra (nice cycling) distance beats waiting in traffic at the Anzac / Moore Park intersection. Agree 100% on the waste, opportunity cost etc, but it's there now. And it makes my commute nicer. Give it a go, you might like it....

nice to read something positive

It's rated for service vehicles which weigh 5 tonnes. If it were really a pedestrian bridge, it would have cost a fraction of the price.


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