My mum who is almost 70 noticed that the SBS & Subaru Australia cycling promotion where Subaru Australia is offering a car as a prize. Is there any other inappropriate cycling promotions out there?

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All I have to say to the below statement is how and why? It is not like getting an actual bike to ride yourself.

Statement from Cycling Australia CEO, Graham Fredericks

"Subaru will assist our various disciplines of cycling to a wider audience and help us showcase the amazing talent we have in this country. This agreement allows us to bring our international stars into Australian homes whilst developing the profile of our emerging talent racing in our elite domestic events.”

Statement from Amy Gillett Foundation CEO, Tracey Gaudry

“The Amy Gillett Foundation is excited that Subaru will be recognised as a major partner supporting shared respect and safety on-and-off our roads into the future.

“Subaru’s DNA of delivering some of the world’s safest vehicles as evidenced by its 5 star ANCAP safety rating provides the perfect synergy for the Foundation as we actively pursue our mission of safe bicycling for all Australians and our vision of zero bike related fatalities.”

Statement from GreenEDGE General Manager, Shayne Bannan

“For GreenEDGE this partnership is extremely valuable on several levels. With Subaru, we’ll have access to the perfect vehicles for all our different purposes and demanding tasks throughout the season. Also, and just as importantly, we’ll be part of great initiative promoting sustainability, safety and the joy of riding bikes. It’s great to see a big, international brand like Subaru support such a valuable cause and we are very happy to be a part of it too.”

Makes us cyclists feel all warm and fuzzy about Subaru when we hear they are supporting our sport/hobbie/favoured transport means. They are trying to get us to buy an all wheel drive to carry our bike between rides. Oh, and they have this big thing about selling cars based on an active lifestyle (bit counter-productive I know) and safety. So, all Subaru marketing has cars with bikes and kayaks on top of them, and they show how committed to safety they are but supporting the AGF et. al.

Disclaimer: I drive a Subaru, I bought one to carry my wife and my bike and my kayak safely between rides/paddles. I hope I win the competition.

JaysusMaryandJoseph - who wrote the tortured verbiage that went out under Tracey Gaudry's name?? 'Subaru's DNA'? I was unaware that their cars were carbon-based life-forms...

Nice use of the word 'synergy', just can't get used enough in marketing press releases.

"As a company we’re in this for the long run as we know a lot of Subaru customers love to cycle and a lot of it is on roads, that we as a car company, are committed to safe use of by everyone.”

I don't have an issue with this or their funding of cycling promotion.
Maybe Benson & Hedges could put together a world series bike race?

Whenever motorists say "you cyclists don't pay rego" we have cyclists lining up to say that they pay rego on their car(s), motorbikes etc.
But whenever a car company does a cross-promotion with bicycles, we have cyclists expressing outrage and carrying on as if anyone who claims to be a cyclist should take a blood oath never to have anything to do with cars ever again.
Sure, there are people on this site who don't own a car and never travel in one. Good for them!
There are probably a lot more who don't own one ... but don't mind borrowing cars or cadging rides when they need to. Damn, them infernal combustion engines come in handy sometimes!
But I would guess that the overwhelming number of people on this site don't see it as either/or. We cycle because we like to and we see the benefits, but do own or use cars at times.
So enough of the separatism. And hooray for Subaru, supporting an Australian cycling team.
I reckon I'll enter that competition. My car is rooted and I could use a Subaru to drive to Bright for next year's Audax.
Well, this Subaru deal isn't going down well with "a number" of peeps on this forum :-)

BV and the RACV are advocacy groups and I can see why a close relationship to the start is a worry, esp if there are no demonstrable benefits. But Subaru and cycling is different. Subaru aims for an image that says, hey if you have an active, sporty lifestyle, here's a car to suit your activities. Not, "don't cycle, just drive".

most of us are not anti-car, we just want safer access, and recognition in URBAN planning that the single occupant motor vehicle is something of a failure as an urban peak transport system.  For most of the country the car is non optional.


That doesn't have a lot to do with subaru, and doesn't have a lot to do with cycle racing, good luck to em as far as I'm concerned.


and what do the idiots drive that tear up and down our narrow local street, noisy bloody Subarus.  The noise is stress inducing, the speed is dangerous anywhere and extra dangerous on our local roads where children no longer play because we have idiots in Subarus that think they are rally drivers.

Let the car industry take over the safety of streets in the early 1900s and you get todays car centric transportation system.  So let them get in control of the direction they want bikes to go in, extreme sport, danger, excitement and not transport and guess where that will go for us.

Take the spot out of transport.

spot on son.


rubber ball idea is good as well.


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