Surplus to hit $3.9B!!  That's a lot 'o cash to be stashed in the bank.

Budgeted cycling projects: "No new projects or infrastructure will be built in 2018-19. The government will spend $18.8 million in 2018-19, but $13.6 million of that is for the Parramatta Escarpment Boardwalk and $5.2 million for “planning”." (SMH).

Total transport spending is $10.7B.  Cycling therefore gets 0.18%

Complete and utter dumbass sons of bitches

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Unfortunately I'm not surprised

I'm not sure how this works.

Isn't the SHB ramp supposed to be built?

And the Greenway?

Minister Pavey deferred the building of SHB North ramp by 2 years following complaints by "the residents" a couple of months ago.

While North Sydney councillors and NSW Government respond to a few NIMBYs residing near the SHB it’s a pity they overlook the 499 North Sydney residents riding on Census day in August 2016 ..... and of course much larger numbers when the weather is warmer.

Please. Whingers. Look on the bright side:

Free car registration if you drive lots on privately owned toll roads.

PLUS Reduced parking fines for reasons!

NSW desperately needs more people driving and leaving their cars places.


It is just insane - I wish I could get my head around the mindset at work in the NSW Gov't.

However, there is an upside!

Once the free rego and cheap parking tickets kick in, the roads throughout Sydney will become so choked they will virtually be car parks, and we will be able to ride freely along and around them!

Here's how they think:






Hmmm, people like cars, let's get them to drive their cars more, let's make it cheeper for them to drive their cars more, then they will love us and they will keep us in government where we can give ourselves lots of money.

And attempt to bolster our popularity by dog whistling a hated minority ............ 

We have to make savings in the "active transport" area so we can fund roads and maybe health? (makes sense to our leaders !!!)

"...key findings of the latest Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Australia's (AIHW) Health 2018 report.

The chair of the Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance, Professor Sanchia Aranda, said a significant proportion of conditions were caused by high body mass, poor diet and physical inactivity.

The report found six out of 10 adults were now overweight or obese, while the proportion who are "severely obese" has doubled..."

Yep, here is the future of active transport according to NSW Libs :-(

Are you suggesting it might be different under Labour?


No, I guess not.

All tarred with the same visionless vision of the future.


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