Surplus to hit $3.9B!!  That's a lot 'o cash to be stashed in the bank.

Budgeted cycling projects: "No new projects or infrastructure will be built in 2018-19. The government will spend $18.8 million in 2018-19, but $13.6 million of that is for the Parramatta Escarpment Boardwalk and $5.2 million for “planning”." (SMH).

Total transport spending is $10.7B.  Cycling therefore gets 0.18%

Complete and utter dumbass sons of bitches

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The "Free Rego" thing will be interesting won't it?

Will all those people who demand that cyclist pay rego still push for that once motorists are allowed free rego? Sure, those who are getting free rego will be paying tolls but only for private roads so they'll be using the public roads for free!

Outrageous!!! :)

Yep, more silver linings!

But don't worry, the bogans will soon switch to "get a license".

Older motorists get free rego already.

This is an incentive for drivers to get bigger cars. The current disincentive for using a heavier car dissapears, so long as you can spend $25 per week on tolls. Hope these crazy policies can be reversed after March 2019.

The solution is to remove all the building's in the CBD and seal the surface of entire of the City of Sydney so the cars can be parked there

I think that it's only pensioners who get free rego, and it's any pension.

SMH ramp deferred for 2 years due to a couple of objections.  I guess I missed the news that the WestConnex got deferred for 2 years due to the objections

The objections won't really have been about the actual infrastructure, the locals will be objecting to the type of people who will use it.

Revised Bankstown line / metro conversion works

" ...Plans for an “active transport corridor” along the Bankstown line have been dropped because the revised proposal means the existing rail corridor will not be widened.

However, the report said a “walking and cycling strategy" , [note strategy only], would be developed to find the best routes for cyclists and walkers in each suburb. That may result in upgrades to pedestrian footbridge and separated cycleways..."

I read that one too Bill, but didnt have the heart to post it.  Seems not only are there no announcements about cycle infrastructure, but we are being hit by a plethora of de-announcements as well.

i really dont know how this is going to be tackled, because neither major party are supportive of what should be wins all around, and the minor parties have little influence. Do we have to wait for generational change in the politicians who make these decisions?


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