Ok this has been bugging me for for a while now

Does anyone else get a letter 'p' appear in the grey text area once they start typing into a post?

See image before accessing the posting box : 

But once you access the post/text box a mysterious letter 'p' appears

What  is the 'p' ??? and why is it stalking me?

(On PC, Viusal Mode,  using Chrome )

Google Chrome is up to date
Version 64.0.3282.140 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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I think it has something to do with the paragraph tag in HTML.

  • Changing to the bullet point here, it has switched to a ul >> li (which are the html tags used to build lists.
  1. The number list is ol >> li

Selecting bold will add a "strong" to the tag (in this case it is now p >> strong - as opposed to piss >> weak)

Switching to the html editor (tab on the top right of the box), you'll see the tags in all their glory.

Or it could just be the page is sticking its tongue out at you :p

>Or it could just be the page is sticking its tongue out at you :p 

ahhh... that makes sense now.... bloody rude , if you ask me


And it do on smart phone too that I have of my new Samsung Galaxy S8.

And the quote box had been removed when he put the new reply box format.

When I do it on computer while replying and opened a new browser to find the links or pictures to put it in after about 10 mins and it had stated after that I submitted it in if I`m not a robot. 

It`s annoying to me after a few times that I have to correctly pick of which pics do fit before it can be submitted.

I've had the robot thing too Snowy. Apparently it's a Google thing that seems to resolve itself when you get rid of the relevant pix, thereby proving you're not a robot. Total PIA! More on it here.

Thanks, Dabba. For the link.

And the CAPTCHA  is a PIA sometimes when I had done it in other sites.


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