Has anyone else received material about this ride?



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Very well worth supporting guys.  Ride, voluteer, donate, whatever.  Even just go along to enjoy the food and entertainment.



I'm looking forward to a fun day on Sunday!

My partner and I plan to take the train (free rail travel for the event) from Sutherland to Westmead, ride the 55km route, have an interesting lunch from the multicultural food festival in Parramatta Park, then ride back to Sutherland - a  good 110kms all up.

Because I like the "one metre matters" ad campaign I added a donation to the $15 entry fee.

Lets show that Sydney supports the Amy Gillett Foundation - and enjoy a good ride and a fun day at the same time!
Yes, taking my kids along to Parra Park...looking forward to it.
i'm also riding the 55kms with some colleagues, should be a great event.
I think I'm gonna do the 55km, still trying to talk some mates into joining me.

*bump* I don't normally ride on Sundays mornings, but think is a worth-while event to sign up and see what the Parramatta surrounds are like to cycle around.


Does anyone else need some company for the 55km ride?

The advertised route for this ride follows a non-existent bike path alongside the M4 for about 2 km as it passes under Pitt St at Merrylands. Will be interesting to see what the organisers do about that with a diversion of some sort so if you are going watch out for that. Otherwise be very careful crossing Pitt St without traffic lights as it's a long straight 4 lane road. The path has been funded, but construction is yet to begin.

Also if you do the 55 km ride watch out for a heap of glass where the route crosses the bus T-Way near Hyland Rd, Greystanes. I rode into it yesterday on the way to work.  This ride will also give you an opportunity to see the devestation called development along the Lower Prospect Canal path. If you only do the 30km ride it's worth the short detour ( about 1.5 km each way ) out to Prospect Reserviour to see what our govt has allowed there, as well as a short rest and water stop at the reserviour park which is untouched by the roadworks over the hill.

Thanks for the heads up on the route and possible glass danger!

Will see if I can send a message to the organisers

And of course there are also the snakes to look out for, though hopefully there will be enough riders to scare them off.


there are a few sections of path on the route that seem to attract glass. I'm thinking of taking my trailer with a broom etc in it and doing a bit of sweeping on the way to the vollie marshall area. I'm also hoping Holroyd might send some crews out the check the route out (wishful thinking I know). I reported a Telstra pit missing it's cover in front of the Red Rooster at Wenty. Given that's a section where it's only footpath width and it's hard to see in the grass I'm worried someone might fall in it.

Well I'm most impressed with Telstra, this morning I noticed they'd already fenced off and put a temporary cover of the hole.
Big envelope with event number and other info arrived today - seems T shirts are to be collected on the day


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