Good piece in the Melbourne Age today.


Trams are more and more becoming stuck in traffic in the CBD.


I've said before that I think underground is a better option and this confirms it.


They need to fully exploit the city circle, which is way underused during the day between the peaks.


Make it cheap, make it easy to use (eg: $1 flat fare), and you cover about 90% of intra CBD journeys.

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maybe we can make the cars go underground. just throwing it out there. Them cars holding up the trams.

That's the other thing.


Buy out the cross city tunnel. Make it free and charge for the surface route.


They got this totally backwards - current situation encourages cars and trucks to rat run through the CBD rather than take the provide bypass route.

You are spot on. I have been saying this to friends for years. It makes far more sense to have a congestion charge in town and make the bypass free.
Yeah, I've been saying the same for Brisbane too. The bypass roads should be free and the CBD roads should be tolled!
maybe we could get the cars out of the CBD and have a free light rail in place. It would probably cost less than the subsidies paid to the motorists.
Peter H, you should be our PM! You have my vote.
The RTA was blocking any plans of a greener george st, but they have now been replaced by Transport NSW when it comes to planning. It will be interesting to see what happens now.
+1.  The problem is the cars not the trams.   The city circle is not the answer either. It will never be easy to go down three flights of stairs, buy a ticket, wait ten minutes for a train, ride it, then go up another three flights of stairs!  Trams are the way forward (especially ones you can take bikes on board).
That white font you are using is not very readable, KC. ;-)

Hmmmm!  I think the point I was making (in the style of a polar bear in a snow storm) was that the city circle is not a viable transport option for short journeys up and down the CBD.  The time taken to descend 2-3 flights of stairs, get a ticket, wait for train and then exit the system makes it inconvenient, unpleasant (esp. in the heat) and time consuming.

I'm all for trams, especially if you're allowed to take your bike on board.

If the problem is that trams are being held up by cars, surely the solution is a simple one!!

It works in London, Paris, New York and Tokyo.


As I have said before, they just need to make it easier to use. Have a flat $1 city circle fare (and an electronic Suica/Oyster style card). 

London, Paris, New York and Tokyo all have a metro style system (high capacity, high acceleration, low dwell-time) and have CBDs that are 10 to 15km across.

Sydney CBD is 2km long and is served by heavy rail (slow, low capacity and long dwell time). It's not even a circle (so the trains can't just run round and round they would have to go somewhere, turn around and come back).  While automated (and integrated) ticketing wouldn't do any harm, the city circle is never going to be a viable solution for moving the masses short distances.

Where did we depart from cycling in this thread?!!



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