Good piece in the Melbourne Age today.


Trams are more and more becoming stuck in traffic in the CBD.


I've said before that I think underground is a better option and this confirms it.


They need to fully exploit the city circle, which is way underused during the day between the peaks.


Make it cheap, make it easy to use (eg: $1 flat fare), and you cover about 90% of intra CBD journeys.

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Melbourne leading the way again?


Could our George St be this way too?

Swanston Street to become car free.

I thought the video was a bit of a trap for the mayor based on his flip-flop (he championed for cars to return to Swanson St previously) , but despite that 79% of the votes at this stage says this is the right move.

what's up with guy?


Forget about banning cars - ban cyclists!!! cos they're the ones who will be causing serious injuries and fatalities now with their dangerous cycling, AND slowing down pedestrians and trams!! I bet cyclists think that Swanston Street is their speed cycle route now. And they don't care that Swanston St should be for pedestrians to safely cross, when there is the Green man and a RED light for the. CYCLISTS OF SWANSTON STREET: Mark my words, do not go through red lights or you will seriously or fatally inure someone. I don't want to read about this in the headlines.


Cyclists are Narcissists | Pedestrian - April 28, 2011, 5:18AM

I guess guy likes the sweet kiss of lycra across his face as he is collected by a cyclist after stepping out into the street without looking less that the crunch of his skull under the wheels of a car after stepping out into the street without looking.



Cyclists will have a dedicated lane between the footpath and trams.

Seems to me this is designing-in a conflict.

Since they will be redesigning the entire street, why not put the cyclists between the trams so there is no conflict at tram stops? Passengers alight safely and cyclists get a better run.

The only problem then, as I see it, is cyclists crossing the tram tracks to exit Swanston St. Surely not impossible to design safe cycle crossing points.

Sydney will get it right when George gets this treatment, for sure. We have Clover. And Barry... And Alan...


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