"In a few years we'll have the opportunity to replace the whole automotive fleet with synchronised self-driving electric cars, cutting greenhouse gas emissions to almost nothing but we'll miss out because cyclists won't get off the road."


The current explosion of bidirectional cycleways (NSW Government's $33 million for cycling routes in 2013-2014 and $40 million in 2015-2016) in the inner city suburbs has the effect of removing cyclists from the road proper. Is this the first stage of banishing bicycles from the streets of Sydney to make way for self driving cars?


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Right on cue, John Alexander releases his report on the "hyper loop" very fast pneumatic tube to Melbourne, and Albo calls for more attention to his VFT plan

Must be time for a Federal election

Nah its Straya, everyone important owns his and her cars, and when she needs to do a business trip to Melbourne, she'll send her car down overnight by itself to the destination airport and take the hubbies car to the departure airport, and then send the hubbies car back to him whilst she flies down to the airport where her car is waiting for her.

If it becomes illegal to send empty cars that far, they'll just use an app which books a reputable carsitter for the trips.


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