... if I may borrow from Kanye?

Managed to break my latest Mavic Open Pro 36-spoke rear in under a year. One of the spokes is pulling through the rim in a star burst.

Som gearoids ... strongest road rim? Will want to reuse my Ultegra 36-spoke hub.

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Have the spokes been over-tensioned?

Or do you, maybe, need to, ahem, slim down a little?

OK, I'll take that as a "No" to each of those perfectly cromulent questions. 

If you don't want my help, a simple "No, thanks" would suffice.


You don't think the spoke might have been overtensioned?  

Confused of Marrickville

Damned copyright claims.


No. I do not believe in Crom.


It's part of Neil's religious system?


Spoke over-tension, who can tell, suffice to say this stuff has happened to me before. My first wheel failed that way on three spokes. Of memory serves it was a Velocity rim, with an offset V, supposedly to take up the stress of dishing.

Hi Michael,

As a former 100+kg rider, I an only suggest that what ever rims you buy, get your wheels regularly tuned up every 6 months to keep them true and all spokes at optimum tension. 

I'm riding Open Pro 32H / Ultegra with brass eyelets and thick SS spokes. They are going fine for me - but I don't have your power!

Try a velocity deep V - easy enough to buy one as a rim to build up on your current hub.

Though I don't think its eyeletted so the only structural advantage over an open pro is that its its deeper and thus stiffer (its one of the deepest alloy rims avaiiable).  Whether that actually relieves the spoke holes of critical load I can't say.

I have bontrager rangers which were a heavy mid-to-low range MTB wheel trek used to fit, with eyelets, and they have some 32,000 kms including 4 three ring circus and 2 highland fling races, and are on their third rotors, so it is a solvable problem if you hunted down an eyeletted rim.

Deep Vs actually look good though.

Width of tyre to be used, front, rear or both to have a matching set?

DT TK 540 come in 36s and are draft horse friendly but are really run at 25mm plus.

Then again if its just for cruisin what about swapping to 26inch?

I agree on the DT TK 540's.  I built them up for my Lynskey Backroad tourer earlier this year, and they're rock solid.  I run Conti Gatorskin 25's around town and Conti Touring Plus 32's on a trip and both work well.  I'm now making up a set of Stan's No Tubes Alpha 340's for my latest new toy, and they are really light and look good too!  Got them from my favourite lbs - Chain Reaction.  Both of these sets of wheels are/will be running with XT disc hubs and 10spd cassette.

This guy might be able to help you: http://melodywheels.com/.

Or you can do whatever the hell you young people do to him on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/melodywheels.

(BTW, Can I saw "I told you so" now it has emerged that the US Govt. IS using Facebook to spy on everyone?)

Or just ask this guy.


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