Having a quiet ride on Sunday afternoon passing through Centennial Park, heading up the slight rise from the Lang Rd Gate when I became aware of a loud high pitched whining sound behind me and then whoosh, passed by a person on a skateboard, (yes skateboard), then another one and another until I had been passed by 15 of them. I then realised that none of them had put a foot on the ground but were still rocketing along, ah electric skateboards.

Dredging up my last bit of cyclist pride I put in a big effort to catch up with them, Garmin said 36 kph and for the next 2.5 kms there I was drafting behind a bunch of skateboard riders (rascals too, not a helmet among them) until I had clearly broken their spirit and they turned off at the Randwick Gate, just in time too as I was about done in and had to go and get a coffee.

One of them I spoke to claimed he got 30kms from a battery charge and clearly could keep a fairly constant 35 kph over the slight undulations of the park circuit.

Will have to get one when I get too old for bicycles.

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Trouble is, when we are too old to ride a bike we probably won't have the balance. Also injury could be a factor in my case. 

Nah, just ride the bike forever.

You are right Noel, considering the time it has taken to become almost ok on a bike I don't want to start again with something else and I would have to buy an entire wardrobe of new clothes as well.

Yes, don't let age be an excuse! On my last trip I had a couple of blokes in their 60's say that they were too old to ride. Both were younger than me, and were a bit sheepish when I told them my age. We have a bloke in his early 90's riding in our group. He's got an ebike and I think he does a couple of 50ish k rides a week. Still got all of his marbles and the motor helps when the body is short of horsepower.

There are also a few full sized trikes being used by those adults who have balance issues.

How well do they stop from their top speed? I'm thinking what they would do if a car door suddenly opened, or someone stepped out in front of them - probably in same boat as a bike rider.

I have vivid memories or cruising along on a skateboard many years ago and it hit a tiny rock. The skateboard stopped very well but alas I kept going. In the air. Then onto the ground.



Not rascals for helmets are not required for skateboards (and other wheeled 'toys'). But they are not allowed to be ridden on the road or on bicycle only paths (though there are none of them in Sydney).

Police turning a blind eye?

I do not think the Centennial Park trust roadways constitute 'roads' as such.


If it is open to the public it’s subject to the Road Rules, I believe.

But the Road Rules don’t mention electric scooters. They aren’t a “recreational device”, which are human powered only. Can’t find the actual regulation that covers  e-scooters, but all references say they can’t be registered in NSW and can only be used on private land. 

Im not against them but wonder why police seem to be turning a blind eye, tho I saw one report of a hefty fine on Reddit.

Yes - but I note there are specific exemptions for Roller Blades, for example.

As far as I can see the regulation of banning powered scooters was based on getting rid of petrol engined ones, at a guess, it was when they were trying to get rid of some bogans using hotted up petrol powered bicycles to circumvent not having a drivers license.  

Hopefully they will see logic and let the Escooters be legal


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