May contain bad language.

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TL;DW - guys ride along the bike lanes blocking any cars from driving in the bike them whilst yelling at the drivers through megaphones.

Not TL
Very enjoyable.

they better look out for that lunatic driver , you know the 1 from brazil 

Spanish(?) is a bad language now??

I've read the translation - Spanish can be a bad language.

That's bloody brilliant. I'm going to buy a megaphone!

It's amazing how pathetic some drivers are... and frightening to think they're in charge of all that glass and steel. 

But notice how quickly they back down... makes me think that cyclists must be pretty scary, too - or is it just the megaphones that have that effect? :-)

and the many tv video cameras shoved in there faces 

Oh if only Sydneysiders had cahunas like theirs!


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