This weekend would seem like an ideal time to promote bicycles. Pity about short notice.

"It means passengers wanting to get around the CBD and to the airport will have to rely on buses."

Oh really? They could take taxis. 


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In London when the tube went on strike it was amazing the amount of new people flocked to cycling. Roads jamed full of them. Not sure Sydney is ready for it yet though. Will see this weekend how it goes.
Will they still charge the outrageous "we discourage public transport" train fare to get to the airport? This fare is a promotion of cycling from Tempe station in order to save $10 per person.
I cycled from tempe to the rocks for lunch on thursday -took me appox 1 hour and 15 minutes ,taking my time ,it was drizzling ,and I am slow anyway ,went via glebe,pyrmont bridge and kent street cycleway.Adding up going by train including waiting and walking time probably would have taken me 1 hour and 5 minutes.Not much in it really.And coming home the sun was shining and I just looked at the cars and buses going over anzac bridge and mused that cycling was the far better option to public transport anyway
What route do you use for Tempe to and from Glebe?
head up unwins bridge road then go over the bridge at may street ,follow the route outlined to get to enmore road just above enmore theatre (green lines on the CoS cycling map)then continue down phillip street (down the street where alfafa house is) go under the railway line and carry your bike up the stairs( then head up albermarle street go through the park next to st stephens church.From here you are heading to camperdown park.there is a couple of ways to do that .then cross parramatta road . From here I am on the footpath of booth have to cross booth street (heavy traffic) I find it safer to walk the bike across ,go down taylor street and then there is the beginning of the parkway that takes you around the glebe foreshore. Some of the area is a bit messy especially both sides of parramatta road .


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