As I was in the right filter lane to turn into my office, a courier truck AO 22 ZE swung across me from the left to take the same entrance. I narrowly avoided being collected.  He parked up in front of the building 20 metres further on and I gave him a good stare (but generally prefer to avoid confrontation).  After locking up my bike, I ended up in the same lift as the courier, he asked me if I had a problem with him, and we had the following conversation (verbatim and in front of a witness/colleague):

Me: "You could have left me a bit more room".

Him: "I'm not going to drive at 5km/hr waiting behind you".

Me: "You have to if I'm in front of you about to turn"

Him: "I'm the kind of bloke that runs you guys over.".

At which point I left the lift.  Finding that a pretty unacceptable attitude from a person driving a 2 ton truck, I went back downstairs and photographed his vehicle. He has kindly included his name and mobile number on the side of his truck. He is 'Matt', a franchisee of Fastway Couriers (and Sarge's Couriers).

I'm not sure I can be bothered reporting this to the police, as I have no video evidence and I'm sure he'll claim his statement was just bluster. The less business he has though, the less time he'll spend out on the road. Fastway couriers website don't have the option to complain about dangerous driving, and since he is a franchisee, I doubt they would have much power or desire to do anything either.

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The problem is somehow people lose sight of their humanity

I always wanted to ask, is that what he tells his children he did , and is this what he's happy to tell his victims' loved ones

What about posting on their FB page asking politely who to report the incident to?

It sounds like this guys attitude could result in someone being injured or killed and there's a chance he could improve a little if the company advises him of the complaint

Similar experience with a Toll driver in Pitt St. I wasn't even obstructing his lane.

But I have come across many from the same company who are sane and well balanced

Perhaps it is the tip of a mental health problem.

Yes, it's open to public posts. Plenty of complaints there already:

Definitely flag it with Fastway, and report it to Police.

This guy drives for a living, with his attitude it is only time before he actually hits someone, and his driving history might be the difference when it comes to guilt/sentencing.


Log in his rego number in these and

So his number will be on record for public to see that he's a maniac. Don't let him get away with it.

KC had posted it in "rate driver" site.

Go on over there and click the dislike button to increase the dislike of the driver and it will bump up to top bad driver's list.

No need to register and you can be anonymous.

I've already done it.

Regrettably, the minimum standard for police to go any further than a furtive glance is video. Even then, you will be asked to justify yourself in ways that no other road user would ever be asked to.

Even with a video of the guy actually driving into you you'll struggle to get the police to do anything unless you are injured...

Hit someone with a hammer, get charged with "assault with a deadly weapon". Hit someone with a car and get "a stern talking to".


No no, that might offend the poor drivers' sensibilities. At best, it's a lightweight, casual chat...

Bet he beats his wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/children/dog.

As I found out when knocked over on purpose in North Ryde, often these types have outstanding warrants. Worth reporting just for that.

Twice naughty people have been pulled into clink on this account. One was a roadworker from Bankstown, one a young Lebanese P-plater from not far away coincidentally.

If you have a record, or something in the pipeline you are evading you can usually work as a taxi driver or a courier. So, it is sensible to assume that such drivers are criminals by default. Some aren't obviously. But the bet is worth it!


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