As if the closure of Chapman Rd in Federal Park during construction of the skate park isnt bad enough, now the timber truss bridge over Johnstons Ck is closed because of white ants. Could be closed for weeks or months a City worker said.

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its not even a real timber truss bridge, its got a steel frame, so i wonder if its just the decking that needs replacing. If so, hope they get on with it. Or maybe replace with a wider bridge, its a bottleneck on the route to the Glebe foreshore path.

Went past today and the barriers had been partly removed, no doubt by locals, (not by me i hasten to add!) and everyone happily using the bridge. I could see some termite damage to the trusses at the ends, but it didnt look it would be serious, since the whole bridge rests on steel angle beams that span the canal.

Closed again today, no repair work evident. C’mon  CoS, this is a major link, declare an active transport emergency!


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