With O'Farrel and Gay in charge and the contradictory noises that they are making towards cycling and Clover's cycleways, is it time to resurrect the National Roads and Cyclists Association, perhaps this time as a legitimate organisation?


Would anyone be willing to get involved and actually do something as opposed to just bleating in cyberspace?

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Fake it till you make it.
Create a website, give your organization a nice official name and award yourself a title (after a democratic vote by members of course), and then start sending out press releases to media outlets in response to news stories, planning descisions, and comment made by notable people (eg. politicians). Make the comments a little inflamitory to increase your changes of being published. For a example of how its done, check out the Pedestrian Council of NSW.

Interesting, but where will it sit in the scheme of things, ie with regard to the other bodies?

What are the aims and who/how will it be funded or what sort of services will it provide?

Think Overton Window. You'll have a nice official sounding name and yet make BikeNSW and BikeSydney and everybody else look positively mainstream, reasonable and sensible.
Would love to be an advisor
Oh yeah and i'd call it the nrcpa (the national roads, cyclist and pedestrian association.)
Australian Vulnerable Road User Association?

I'd prefer to see more direct action.

Is that in scope?

... and we have the first split, even before it has begun ;)


Seriously, though, what do you mean by "direct action"? I'm not entirely comfortable with some of the connotations that could be implied by that.

Good question.


I'm not sure what is acceptably safe to do and what isn't protest-wise. Other people who are a bit more expert could advise perhaps. I know about some technologies which might be employed, with care.


Legal risks exist as well of course.


While publicity and writing letters has its place, and I participate, the behaviours we are dealing with require much more effective opposition.


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