With a day off on the cards, I've decided to spend it pedaling. I'm going to be heading south and have heard of a cycleway that travels from the Gong to Kiama.  Some of this looks to be well posted but I am unable to get details on how to get around Port Kembla. Has anyone done this ride and have any tips or recommendations for the route? 


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Yes I have done this ride. It is an interesting ride around the bike track around Port Kembla - reminder of the Utopian vision for hundreds of factory workers cycling to their workplaces:)

That being said it isn't the best bike track in the world but the area around the factories are quiet and the route is easy to follow, hugging the coast for much of the way. The busiest bit is getting from Wollongong to the track. and then again through Shellharbour.

The cycle path starts in Thirroul. Turn left from the main road coming from the national park and ride about 1km to meet the path. It goes from there all the way to windang.

Like all cycleways there are some points where it’s tricky to know how to connect to the next bit when there’s a gap. The main trick is when the cycle route disappears aim for the princes highway – which is the main road following the coast. I think it disappears first in the cbd of Wollongong. If you lose it, you should start following the princes highway, e.g, alongside the Wollongong golf course and you will eventually see the path on your left and you can jump onto it. It will take you past the steel works (note this is probably the key time to be on the path to avoid the road). Then it takes you to Port Kembla, then to Warrawong. It disappears a bit around Warrawong. Again if you get lost, get back onto the princes highway and you’ll see the bike track on your left. It’s easy to follow from Warrawong to Windang. From Windang you are really better off just following the main road (tourist drive) to Kiama. There is hardly any bike path from here on. Note once you go past Dunmore station you will want to try to get onto riverside drive. There is actually a bike path that starts near Dunmore station (you should be able to see it) and goes to Minnamurra. Once in Minnamurra, again get back onto the main road to ride to Kiama. Once you start heading down the hill to Bombo the bike track starts up again on your left and will take you all the way into town so long as you keep left.

The other riding you might think about is heading into Jamberoo territory. This is hands down some of the prettiest riding near Sydney if like me you love cows and rolling green hills! The roads are quiet and many of the roads have good surfaces.

This route shows a good loop that takes you over part of Saddlebac...

Hope that helps! Have fun - I was in Kiama on the weekend and sat miserably staring out of the window unable to make the rain stop so I could get out for a ride:(
The RTA website shows the cycleway maps of the area, and I think that all of Naomi's route is shown on them. I've done most of it a couple of times and it is great, but you might need to be wary of walkers in sections of it near the "Gong on weekends.
Yup, but during the week you also need to watch for the weary off shift workers as they stagger out of the steel works to walk home.
Keep the sea on your left and the lake on the right you can only get lost for a little bit...
baa baa tip of the day
Drop into the Tien Temple for a stickybeak, a bit of OOOMMM chanting and yummy veg lunch.
This route was on Bikely. Haven't done it but it might help.
That's my partner's route which he does on his road bike - not a tootling route if that was what you were after:)
Thanks everyone. Looks like it is going to be a fun day out. If feeling good at the end of the day that Jamberoo ride looks very tempting. If weather permits I'll be on the road this time next week. Will let you know how it goes.
was thinking of doing same ride except from thirroul, i have ridden as far as hill 60 at port kembla and have seen the signs to take you further south. if you want company give me a call. when i head south i catch the 8.19am train at hurstville , limited stops only, gets you to thirroul about 9.10am , cycleway starts about 2 blocks from station. absolutely no hills on the ride to port kembla cheers.
I'm leaving my start time a little up in the air at the moment. If feeling good I'll ride from Nth Sydney, if I'm feeling a bit lazy I might catch the train to Loftus. Breaking in a new bike on this ride and want to see how it treats me after a long day in the saddle.
i like riding, but sometimes it makes more sense to use public transport if time is tight. tomorrow i am riding to mount white, i could not even consider riding from my home base,you just would not get there and back in one day.
LBUG is off to Wollongong on Sunday. One group leaves Tempe station car park at 7am, second group leaves 9 am from Waterfall, after taking the 744 all stopper from Central, and the fast group is usually there at about the same time. Anyone who wants to join either group is welcome. Train back. Can optionally end ride at any station on the way, eg at Otford or Thirroul. We go through RNP and along the coast road and then the bike path from Thirroul to the Gong.
Thanks to everyone for your help with the maps and directions. A great ride and the new bike has passed its first test.

It's a Salsa Ala Carte. I've rebuilt the wheels with 700c rims, put on a couple of larger chainrings 36t/46t, and swapped out the riser bars. Still gettting the fit right but it handles really well and the steel frame made for a very comfortable run.


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