[TND] Catherine Deveny: My love affair on two wheels

Nice story in The New Daily:

I don’t ride a bike for fun or sport. It’s my mode of transport. It’s how I get around. I adore it. I’m a comedian and a writer. I’m not making a living, I’m making a life. How I get about is not time spent waiting to be somewhere and do something, my time on a bike IS being somewhere and doing something.

Red the full story here.

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Nice article.

I use the bike the same as I use a car  - to run an errand or two, for commute, for fun , for sport/exercise (it's the exercise instead of getting to the exercise ) 

Clearly I'm not as badass as she is, to ride in all weather

I refuse to read or listen to anything from this vile woman.

I'm generally of the same view, but at least in this instance she's not being nasty for once.

Peddling through the cloud of intoxicating spring jasmine.

"This vile woman", Duncan? Wot the ...?

Is she a drug dealer, with all that "peddling"? Is she Tony Abbott's twin sister?

I must have missed something. What's she ever done to you?

Deveny has been described as "a serial pest and professional pain in the arse".

Wikipedia on Deveny's Twitter antics.

Are you sure you are not confusing her with Miranda Devine?

In May 2010 a similar controversy arose when Deveny posted a number of Twitter comments during the Logies Awards... ..."Rove and Tasma look so cute ... hope she doesn't die, too" - Rove's first wife Belinda Emmett died after being diagnosed with breast cancer

That's a little low.

Just did some random googling (note its now a verb) and wasn't able to find any refernce to ritual cat sacrifice, demon worship naked in public, or any of the regular social crimes. 

I maybe too liberal?

Note her description of Tony Abbott could be described as factual clearly a sin in journalism. 

I suspect people have too high an expectation of media persons?  as the flames lick delicately at my feet I'm about to be sent to that place opposite heaven...

 I say let the first amongst you that hasn't had to check their phone for late night dumb texts to an ex after a boozy night cast the first stone  ( or press the send button in this case )


yes i know the religious tone is irononic towards a self proclaimed athiest....

She's just a typical Aussie, it would seem from that Wikipedia article:

Deveny is a self-proclaimed atheist[13] and, along with her two sons, is also dyslexic.

Dog knose, yu carnt complian abuot taht.

nice one Neil

Dyslexic huh... I guess she keeps comparing people to Cnut the great


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