[TND] Catherine Deveny: My love affair on two wheels

Nice story in The New Daily:

I don’t ride a bike for fun or sport. It’s my mode of transport. It’s how I get around. I adore it. I’m a comedian and a writer. I’m not making a living, I’m making a life. How I get about is not time spent waiting to be somewhere and do something, my time on a bike IS being somewhere and doing something.

Red the full story here.

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It's true a lot of people really despise her; even a number from her own side of politics. I don't really have an opinion on her antics but there's no doubt she's genuine when it comes to using a bike for transport. I've seen her around town on her Lekker and even passed her a couple of times on a local bike path. Women her age are sorely missing from the cycling demographic so it's wonderful to see her promoting it.

"I refuse to read or listen to anything from this vile woman."

So you really don't Lekker?


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