For: saving petrol in the car for really important trips

Against : Storms rolling across in the late afternoon

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Its a Dutch saying but those practical Danes probably have something similar!  So many Australians act as if its molten lava falling from the sky and won't set foot into a drizzle without an umbrella. Loved my bike ride in the rain tonight. The gridlock around Macquarie street trying to get to the eastern distributor and the Harbour Bridge was possibly the worst I've ever seen, don't know if it was because of the rain or some accident. Made me smile even more.

I'm made of sugar, spice and every nic... ok that's pushing it too far.

Besides, I absolutely detest having to clean a wet and gritty drivetrain. 

Today was great, I managed to eat enough Korean BBQ and beer before the molten lava stopped flowing and rode back

Because climate change is something that happens imperceptibly over decades, it doesn't make very good "news". So how do you keep the story going if you're part of a news organisation? Overhype every weather event.

Yes, it rained. Not a big deal. I've learnt to ignore SMH weather stories, but I'm guessing they tap into people's latent concern over climate change.

Or run front page editorials every day on the topic and be bold instead of suckering up?

this says it all really

Got drenched on the way home. Was fun.

Video of the ride home here (bit crappy, just clips thrown together).

Went in almost to the bars at about the 1 min mark where it usually floods at Gardners Road Mascot corner

The watercourses are usually just still puddles. Didn't get on cam, but Bestic street to the right of the path was really flooded with stranded cars.

The worst bit? Realising you have ridden all long, hot summer without washing your helmet. And now it was getting a really good clean -while still on your head. NASTY.


Time for a new helmet

The garbage truck left a trail of very smelly liquid down our street this morning, so I can appreciate your last para, tho hope it wasn't that bad. Glad the rain came this arvo to wash it away.

Awesome shot!


I am rather embarrassed to admit that I'm very much a fair-weather cyclist, primary excuses being that my bike lacks mud guards and I'm usually carrying a laptop around in a bag on my back.

Were that to change however, I would be curious to know if there any point in getting any "wet-weather kit"? Would something like a plastic poncho actually keep me dry? Or is there just no point in trying, that I should just accept being in for a soaking if riding out in weather like that of yesterday afternoon?

Also, do people actually towel their bikes down when they get home, or is water and git not a problem for rust and wear?


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