For: saving petrol in the car for really important trips

Against : Storms rolling across in the late afternoon

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In hot, humid weather combined with torrential rain you are always going to get wet on a bicycle one way or another.

On these days I just wear what is comfortable and visible and pack whatever I need to keep dry inside plastic bags that are inside 'waterproof' panniers.

A poncho works okay in moderate rain and moderate wind with fenders and there also are hi-tech breathable rain jackets that you wear with a base layer.

As for maintenance, yesterday I developed an awful pedal creak so I swapped over pedals today and did a basic clean and lube on the chain.

Also I did a short run to the shops with an umbrella. Doesn't work in high winds, hard rain or heavy traffic and it helps to have fenders. The not so sweet Dutch use the umbrella trick all the time. 

You can also wear non-breathable rain protection for short commutes in cold climates. Not a particularly Sydney friendly solution though.

Since moving to Sydney I've kind of accepted the place is kind of sweaty, maybe it's time to accept the rainy as well.

I guess it's a good excuse to do that maintenance that I'm always putting off.


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