Spotted in the Brisbane Courier Mail last Friday.

Those car drivers really are a lot more than naughty!

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And often it's the parents whoa re the worst offenders. The number of parents I've seen decide that the No Stopping zone just in front of the school crossing doesn't apply to them is pathetic.

It must be getting pretty crazy to be going down the path of body cameras!

Damned lawless cyclists!

When lollypop holder gets hit, will they be saying "sorry didn't see you"

will the police accept their body cameras as evidence?

crossing guards at my kids school get all kinds of abuse from entitled parents when they call on them to not park in the no stopping areas.  Then there are the parents who decide the 2 minute drop off and pick up bay is for them to park in for half an hour around the end of school, and everyone who wants to use it legally can go stuff themselves. Parramatta council claims 0 tolerance which means they ask very nicely if you would stop doing that when we're there watching, and the other 19 school days a month it's a mess. It's these lazy parents that really make it the most dangerous and council is frankly negligent in enforcement


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