tour of lucas heights nuclear research facility for cyclists

hey guys

the friendly folks at the lucas heights nuclear research have invited us to tour their facility in early aug

basically we meet at sutherland and ride to the facilty, have a tour then a bbq lunch before riding back to sutherland station

if you have not done it before its a facinating tour, they let us inside the old reactor building before showing us the new one

more details/rsvp via (you need to rsvp for the tour)


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Have fun all there. I shall miss the tour, as overseas on the day.

An interesting subject for me, due to more work in the nuclear industry these days, visits to reactors many many years ago, and being not very far downwind of the Ukranian one when it went boom.

I tried to use Ride The City to see how far/long it would take to ride from Sutherland station to Lucas Heights. This is the response:

Sorry, it looks like we couldn't find a good route for you. Please try again or use different start and end points.



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