Hi all,

With apologies in advance, as I'm sure the archives are full of threads discussing this, but I was not able to find them...

My family and I are new to Sydney and I am working at the University of Sydney while the rest of the fam (partner and two small children) are taking in the world. We are trying to figure out where to live -- quite a challenge in and of itself! -- and a central concern (for me, at least) is cycling. I plan on riding to work and am prepared to go some distance, but would probably prefer to keep it no more than an hour each way (unless that proves unrealistic or a particular oyster opens by going further). But I also would really like to live in an area close to good riding for midweek training -- an early morning group ride, an evening session alone, etc., etc. We have landed temporarily in Bronte, and obviously the Eastern Suburbs fit this description to a T; the problem for us is the cost of living. Where else should we be looking? (With two small children, other mitigating concerns include proximity to out of doors, especially on foot, and reasonable time central areas for activities are also to be desired -- again, the Eastern Suburbs, but...)

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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Personally I think you cant go past the geographic centre of Sydney which is where I live ... near Parramatta. Less than 1hour cycle to sydney uni, much of the way on dedicated cycleways via parramatta river valley and sydney olympic park. Feeling lazy? Take the river cat to circular quay (bikes travel free). From there you can cycle to work or (better yet) catch a ferry to Manly beach. Need a training ride? M7 cyclway has miles and miles of off road cycleway ... or cycle to windsor ... again off road on shared paths if you dont feel like dealing with traffic.

Rent will be much cheaper than Bronte.

sounds good Bernard, I'll see you there. ;o)

So your two requirements are to be able to commute to Sydney Uni, and have good access to recreational training riding.

For "training" purposes, the Eastern and Upper Northern suburbs are the go. That's where the hilly terrain is. You've probably already discovered this, being in Bronte and all...

But a bike commute from the Upper North Shore to Sydney Unit would be pretty unpleasant.

So that leaves the East. Cost of living is not so bad if you look at areas such as Rosebery, Kingsford, Eastlakes etc.

This gives you a fairly easy commute to Sydney Uni (guessing about 20-25 mins each way), and access to some very good recreational cycling terrain such as the run out to Laperouse, Centennial Park, and various loops around the beaches and bays of the East. Check out Coogee for hills!

Good luck.

Sorry, wrong Herzog. City of Willoughby.

No contest.

Easy access to Lane Cove National Park and from there to Ku-Ring-gai Chase NP, Berowra Waters and Galston Gorge, north to the Hawkesbury R and beyond. 

Lots of hills. Hordes of cyclists.


Oh, and you can get over that bridge to the Dark Side fairly easily, if you really want to.

But can you get a decent curry?

Oh yes indeed, sir. (Please come again.)

Just ride the bike path to Naremburn and duck over to Crows Nest. These guys produce a more than acceptable product.

Also a good little Nepalese takeaway in Hampden Rd Artarmon, near the corner of Francis Rd (which is part of the signposted bike route to Lane Cove).

I think I have a new favourite Indian restaurant. Excellent malai kofta and naan, amongst other dishes, from here, also an easy walk (or ride) from home.

And if you'd prefer Italian, La Botte da Ercole is just across the road and north about 50m. Very authentic!


Neil, have you tried Malabar or Mustang in Crows Nest? they are both pretty good.

Had some "Moo-stang" just the other night, thanks.

Not bad at all, but I still think Rup Tandoori is even better!

Have you tried Nilgiris in Christie St, St Leonards?
My fave on the North Shore, or the South Shore.

Surprisingly, no, especially given that they have sponsored North Shore Junior Cricket for some time. Unfortunately, my son gave up a brilliant batting career to be an X-Box slob but, since I still eat, it could happen, after I pay off a certain recent cycling-related purchase...

Nilgeris is outstanding, particularly their vegetarian dishes - some really amazing combinations you won't find anywhere else.

But yes, I think you will be on tinned mackerel and rice for the next few months. Even longer if the Lynskey does end up in the bedroom :O


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