SMH Transport Costs link.

$22,000 per year average transport costs if you live in Western Sydney. Mildly interesting for bike types.

To be fair they should run a comparison with a cycling family and see if that helps anyone jump on a bicycle.


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I have had a bit of a look at the report on the AA website. I liked this comment:

While the AAA recognises that vehicle depreciation costs represent
a significant, often hidden, cost to families, this cost has not been
included in the Index.


They do include car loan payments for one of the 2 cars in each family. That is a partial proxy for depreciation but not enough. They do not include parking costs which are significant, even if they my be paid for by your employer, your supermarket or your council they still should be counted.

What's your expenditure? 

Can we leave out travel out of Sydney? Like on holidays.

I don't own a car, and ride everywhere when in Sydney. Allow about $250 a year in clothing. My bike has a Rohloff hub, and tough wheels. Disc brakes so the rims don't wear out. So its only hub oil, brake pads and a set of tyres all of which I change myself. Say max $250 to maintain the bike. Depreciate the bike over 10 years and its another $400. Total $900 incl depreciation. Looks like I shout the next round.


(I'll 'ave a 'alf.)




Opportunity cost of being stuck behind the wheel (i.e. gym, study, family time)

Road Toll

The sum total would be eye watering! If only there was a cheap and easy alternative to cars...


To be read in conjunction with

Two or three-car families new norm in Sydney despite public transpo...

In fact, the number of households with two or more vehicles is surging.

And given the size of the people in the photos we could add the costs of health care, etc etc....

Alana, husband Warren and daughter Shannyn own five vehicles between them – three for getting around and two to sate their passion for Fords

Must be like Dabba's passion for Lynskeys so we can understand that.

I note that in the last census my suburb recorded 50% of households not owning any motor vehicles

Chuck in another $4,000/year for Westconnex and it gets even nastier.

Oh well, sucks to be them!

This household is $20 + $40 opal

Bicycles with hubs, as Noel counts them

250cc motorbike I think $250 rego/CTP + $250 service + $250 fuel

Not sure if aeroplanes count

That $22,000 becoming $28,000 next year is crazy. Add the income tax you have to pay on the earnings and it really is a lifestyle that's hell on an average wage

The good news is that selling that second car saves quite a bit. But might get spent on a plane trip to Bali or dare I say it a cycle tour in Europe.

It is certainly true that in our case the money saved by not getting a car is used for international travel with bicycle.

Oh why did the government ever pass the law that required the owner of a motor vehicle to use it whenever they needed to go from A to B.

Oh wait, there isn't a law requiring it? Then why are people spending so much money to do it? There are alternatives.

Don't you start to tell me what to do!!
I love the fact I can sit alone for 180 minutes each day, in my latest model 5.0 litre highly engineered muscle car, that sits four people, doing spurts up to 23 kmph using 12.0 litres per 100km, but I know it can really go up above 200 kmph and even 0 to 100 km in 4.5 seconds!! Bloody government limit me by putting up silly 80 kmph max road signs. Best part is I don't even have to stop and have person to person contact to pay at tollways anymore as the beep does all that for me.
But really the $$ mean nothing vs. the cost of the stress of driving or just being in a car anywhere in Sydney nowadays. I was just thinking this morning it is now about 35 years to the day since me, as a young fella went to see The Cure at the Capitol Theatre. Rode the bike into the city parked it out front met up with the mates and then rode home. Not sure if many parents would let teenagers do that now.

using 12.0 litres per 100km

Wow, you're optimistic.


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