SMH Transport Costs link.

$22,000 per year average transport costs if you live in Western Sydney. Mildly interesting for bike types.

To be fair they should run a comparison with a cycling family and see if that helps anyone jump on a bicycle.


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Just heard on the radio that the average spend for a Western Sydney family on transport around Sydney is a whopping


An average of just 1% of the Greater Sydney population use a bicycle for trips of 5km or less. I've observed your Average Joe will quietly fume in a car, getting milked for fines, parking, petrol and tolls- or wait ages for busses & trains, when he or she could have cycled there in half the time- because cycling to get around their city never enters their well-conditioned minds.

Immediate initiation of a city-wide bike sharing scheme and infrastructure is critical, as well as educating the  inCARcerated masses that the car is actually dead and you don't have to wear lycra to have fun & ride a bicycle ! But for for this action, you need political will, so we are utterly doomed until the next NSW State Election...

Cycling the one active transport option which will actually make a REAL difference in improving quality of life in Sydney. Instead it is being systematically denied us- imposing a real injustice upon the citizens of Sydney.

Oh sorry I forgot, cycling is free, cheap, sustainable and efficient. Therefore, despite all evidence to the contrary, we now have the most backward, bicycle unfriendly city in the world, blessed with consistent political obstruction and petty punishment for 'doing the right thing.' 

Great post.

But... bike sharing will fail with current helmet laws. 


Agreed. What we have happening in Sydney is less about cycling, and more about politics and authoritarian control. 'Safety' has become a lie used to take away personal freedoms and shut down debate.


I guess this is unsurprising coming from a motoring lobby. The assumption seems to be that the average house must have 2 cars seems. So if you want private transport all the time, you pay a high cost. Plenty of ways to reduce that, such as car sharing, tele commuting public transport cycling etc. which most don't weant to consider.

Maybe only more costs, tolls, congestion will finally force people to rethink their transport options.

Maybe the message here is cost is not working to divert many people from cars. The cost of the car mode is huge now but it is still the pervasive transport choice. I suspect if cycling was a real (and apparently safe) option for everyday people many would try it. The option's not there for many people.

There are too many up-front and fixed costs of motor vehicle ownership and not enough emphasis on paying as you go.

Petrol is still relatively (or ridiculously) cheap and the marginal cost of each trip is low.

If distance charging could be incorporated, say, via fuel taxes, while up-front charges/taxes were reduced, people would have a much greater incentive to reduce their travel costs by considering non-motorised modes, car-sharing or PT.

Traffic congestion would be markedly reduced and maybe expensive things like WestCONnex would be unnecessary.

Yes. Driving is crazy expensive, and very slow, but for many people it is the only choice.

Decades of under-investment in public transport and a complete failure to provide safe and pleasant cycling / walking options have made it so.

This is the modus operandi of motordom. Impose hegemony by sucking the life out of all alternatives, and then leverage the resulting need for cars to demand ever greater investment and subsidy.

It's now been so long since Sydney had any workable alternative to the car for most journeys that people literally can no longer conceive that their might be alternatives, as they are so far outside their experience. 

I don't think people even know what motoring is costing them.

No, no time to think. They are too busy driving to work, and working extra to pay for driving to work.

That's where Travelsmart was good, it sat people down and gave them a chance to think about their travel and transport options.

haha, reminds me of an interchange when I was riding to Perth a long time ago.

motorist. Why did you choose to ride a bike

me. Because it is faster

motorist. Bullshit

me. No. It is true. I am taking into account how long it took to buy my bike compared to how long it would have taken to buy what you are using.

When considering whether to ditch the car we did the sums and reckoned the car was costing $100 per week (including depreciation, etc etc) BUT we didn't use it to drive to work very often so can see how it came out as quite cheap compared with other families. We decided we could cope without the car as we mainly cycle and use public transport to get to work. As a DINKY couple living in a bike friendly area we can do our shopping and visiting friends on a bike too.

I don't actually think it's saving us much money. We now spend more on buses and taxis than we used to, and use a GoGet occasionally.

However it has positively impacted on our health and wellbeing. All our transport is now active. I enjoy time spent travelling and read much more! I don't get stressed because of traffic (except the usual on my bike commute) and don't have to worry about not having a drink when out and about. It's great!

I suspect many people feel they don't have a choice except to have two/three cars, but they often do. You just have to think about how to make it work. Sacrifices may actually turn out to be benefits in the long run with a change of perspective.


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