Transport for NSW is seeking feedback on the draft Roads Regulation 2018.

Is this something worth commenting on? I have not read it yet  in detail but note we cant ride on the harbour bridge main deck, we cant ride in tunnels and no one can light a fire on a bridge.

Clause 41 is
a new provision which prohibits pedestrians and cyclists from travelling or riding in a

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Sorry for being slow in understanding the significance of this exemption but I am not sure how useful this would be. They could exempt specific tunnels at a later point in time (but will they?), while maintaining the blanket tunnel ban. I still think tunnel need to be defined as it is currently too broad.   

My quoted point is in direct response to your 'so your(sic) suggesting we just need to get a written tunnel pass'.

Class of persons means, for example, 'pedestrians', or 'cyclists'. 

It does change the law to prohibited unless allowed, rather than allowed unless prohibited. As you say, this is a concern.

Hi Duncan,

This one is so obvious for the truckies...

Obviously, truckies don't want any cars on their roads, especially when they get complaints from motorists for slow moving trucks that tow an additional dog trailer behind their original trailer making them twice the weight of the old maximum load.

So, to stop motorists complaining against these trucks that go uphill so slow, at 20km/h using the whole left lane on a two lane highway...

Funny, I can do the same on my bike at the same speed but I get further to the left so the traffic in the left lane can pass.



Perhaps we should pester them with persistent requests for exemptions :)

I don't see a definition of a 'tunnel' or 'bridge' for that matter.  Not in this document anyway.  From the perspective of a road user they are necessarily completely clear if you get down to the technicalities.

Blanket bans on a specific type of construction of infrastructure is absurd.  What about the multitude of pedestrian and cycling tunnels already in place?  Would these not fall under the rule?

Likewise making specific rules for a specific piece of infrastructure (aka the SHB) in general road regulations is also a bit silly.

The whole thing smacks of being ill thought out and Sydney-centric.

"The whole thing smacks of being ill thought out and Sydney-centric."

What else would you expect from TfNSW? Or any other part of the State Government?

On recent travels in Norway I saw a number of touring cyclists on roads with multiple  long tunnels, but never actually saw a cyclist in a tunnel, or maybe one about to enter one. I assume they must mostly  have passed through under their own steam, since usually there was no place to pull over before a tunnel if trying to get a lift. I did see one cyclist stopped in a queue for a green light in a one way at a time tunnel, and she was talking to a motorist and seemed to be after a lift through. 

Some of the (newer) tunnels had shoulders or a footpath but most did not, and were terrifying enough in a car, also quite steep if diving under a fjord. 

Re this regulation, surely it should have some exceptions, such as presence of a shoulder or footpath, or other feature such as a warning light that a cyclist could press on entry, or low traffic.

Today is the closing date for submissions  20 07 2018.  Here is my sample that I sent.  Feel free to change/modify.


It is routine to ride in tunnels in lots of countries. Japan and Turkey particularly come to mind. Over 10 tunnels in a day in Japan is not unusual. The longest I've done in Japan is 4.5km but there are longer ones. There are lots in Turkey

The distinction is between expressway and other roads, the latter being ok to cycle through. In most of Europe the Yellow square (normal) against the Blue circle (expressway).

One wonders how many decades it will take for NSW to turn around and be pro-bicycle.


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