Transport for NSW is seeking feedback on the draft Roads Regulation 2018.

Is this something worth commenting on? I have not read it yet  in detail but note we cant ride on the harbour bridge main deck, we cant ride in tunnels and no one can light a fire on a bridge.

Clause 41 is
a new provision which prohibits pedestrians and cyclists from travelling or riding in a

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As usual, no cycling bodies included as stakeholders for consultation.

Curious Dabba.  In Japan where I have travelled extensively there are many tunnels.  Some are kms long and others 5-100m long.  A lot of the tunnels have a pedestrian walkway as part of the design.  I'm not sure about NSW as the only tunnels I can think of are toll roads.  There must be places where the tunnel is the only access to another point in the road??  Apparently this regulation pertains to the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.??

Part 4 Division 1 clause 47 page 15

Cyclists to use cycleways on Sydney Harbour Bridge
A person must not ride a bicycle on any part of the Sydney Harbour Bridge other than
a cycleway.
Maximum penalty: 10 penalty units.

How does this work if you are unable to get your bicycle up the ramp?  eg cargo bike and so on???

Hi Dabba,

I followed this conversation and did put in a submission.  Your comment re no cycling bodies really bugged me, so I contacted the advocacy officer (Ray Rice) at Bicycle NSW on Friday.   I sent him the upshot of this thread.  As you noted they were not included as a stakeholder.  Ray contacted a senior RMS bureaucrat about this.  They promised that a submission from Bicycle NSW will be accepted late, and offered profuse apologies for the lapse.  Essentially BNSW agree about the tunnels.  They believe this was targeted at Cross Link tunnel et all.  They will propose that individual tunnels be denied access to cyclists and pedestrians.  My thanks to back street baron for bringing this to attention.

Good on you Pat. However, it does beg the question as to what BNSW does beside contemplate its own navel!

Good to see members being active. Cant expect Ray Rice to be aware of everything, but maybe a look at SydCyc would be a start!

Maybe so Bob, but you would expect them to be on top of this sort of thing. Something like keeping your friends close and your enemies closer!

thanks Pat, this is a good outcome.

So if I'm understanding this correctly, they are banning bicycles from using Glowworm Tunnel Road

Lennox in Parramatta, M2 cycle/breakdown lane ...

also the m1 airport tunnel, the entrance to Jenolan caves and probably others

What's the definition of a tunnel?  I'd see the airport as being an underpass


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