Tree pruning request being ignored - Norman St Concord (next to golf course)


below is a copy of an email I sent to Canada Bay Council on 17 July, with follow ups on 24 July and 11 August.

Whilst the customer service person has been diligent and efficient in responding, there has been no response from the 'tree services co-ordinator', David Hart.

If others ride this route, or you know people who do, could you also email Canada bay Council requesting they prune the trees, hopefully a few more complaints may get it done.

I ride most days westbound, Norman St, in the bike lane, adjacent to Concord Golf Club. In several locations, the trees need a small amount of pruning, as I am  being hit in the head/face, unless I duck under the branch, or move out of the bike lane. This is potentially very dangerous for a rider who does not know the area. If they are hit in the face, they could receive a serious eye injury, and or fall onto the road, in the path of the westbound traffic. The trees need to be pruned so that the branches do not encroach the bike lane, (approximately 1 metre) as well as have the height of any hanging branches pruned so that they are at least 2 metres off the ground. Thank you in advance.


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If the council doesn't know the plants are there...

Is it a big job or could an old bloke out for a ride tomorrow with a pair of long handled secateurs manage it?

both, depends on the level of OH&S they want to implement.

They could do it with 2 one tonne utes, a bloke on the first cutting, the second behind stopping the traffic and picking up the branches. Would take 30 mins tops. Or they could install contra flow the length of the road and get the guys that do the electricity pruning, which would cost a fortune.

I am getting very close to doing it myself, but I'd refer if they did it properly.

P.S I think i rode past you on Wed Morn in La Mascotte Ave, or someone that looks a lot like you!

A few years ago, after repeated requests to one of my LGA's to fix a similar problem, we went with secateurs and did the job in < half an hour. I then made the call to LGA advising that someone had done the job, but left the branches everywhere, so could they please come and get rid of them. That was done within a couple of days.

I love a bit of anarchy - take Bob's option!

Yes, and I also think we should make shit councils suffer.

Direct action with a good council can have a kinder approach than that with a bad one.

Lots of us old blokes out and about with our secateurs, shovels, cold mix. Wasn't me that day, but thinking of putting a narrow strip of quick set cement through those cobbles in La Mascotte.
No response yet, Jrjr? Nice day for some outdoor work tomorrow.


Will prob wander down and cause some carnage on Sat morn. 

Must remember to duck (again) on the way home tonight.

When I lived closer to the Fernleigh Track in Newcastle I used to fairly regularly prune the trees at the Adamstown roundabout end of it to ensure the sighting distance around the corner wasn't too severely reduced.

Let's prune the councillors instead. Then we can start with the State Government.

Good things come to those who wait, no need to duck tonight!
I had a pleasant hour or so pruning and picking up rubbish as a cover for my activities, chucked out by passing morons in cars no doubt. A Canada Bay vehicle went past and the driver gave me a look, but my rubbish bag did the trick.


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