Tree pruning request being ignored - Norman St Concord (next to golf course)


below is a copy of an email I sent to Canada Bay Council on 17 July, with follow ups on 24 July and 11 August.

Whilst the customer service person has been diligent and efficient in responding, there has been no response from the 'tree services co-ordinator', David Hart.

If others ride this route, or you know people who do, could you also email Canada bay Council requesting they prune the trees, hopefully a few more complaints may get it done.

I ride most days westbound, Norman St, in the bike lane, adjacent to Concord Golf Club. In several locations, the trees need a small amount of pruning, as I am  being hit in the head/face, unless I duck under the branch, or move out of the bike lane. This is potentially very dangerous for a rider who does not know the area. If they are hit in the face, they could receive a serious eye injury, and or fall onto the road, in the path of the westbound traffic. The trees need to be pruned so that the branches do not encroach the bike lane, (approximately 1 metre) as well as have the height of any hanging branches pruned so that they are at least 2 metres off the ground. Thank you in advance.


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Awesome work.

On another note did cycling advocates get anywhere with how dangerous the roundabout/Bayrun on ramp is at the end of Arthur Street?

A truck pulled out of Henley Marine Drive turning right into Timbrell Drive this morning, I had just exited the roundabout and was heading along Timbrell - said truckie literally pulled out into me. I was squeezed into the gutter and stopped as he did not slow for even a moment. (Side note: Cars do this a fair bit but slowly and allowing enough space, or they can take off so fast they beat you to the pinch point and there is no need to stop).

Bob if you have a contact in Council especially someone that this has been raised with please pass it along. At the very least I will be able to say I tried to warn them when someone is killed or maimed.


The greater number of different names at the bottom of letters, the better for advocacy purposes. It would be helpful if you sent your own story along the the LGA James, just so that the council doesn't think that Bob is the only cyclist in their area. :-)

Bay Bug has been talking to the Council about problems leaving the roundabout and trying to get onto the bike path, but not sure if they have raised the not giving way problem. Maybe drivers are just assuming all cyclists are going to swap onto the bike path there. My contact at Canada bay council was Ashwin Dat

Agreed, it a bit scary, cars up your clacker and cars turning across you from the right. Then some-days you get lucky, and there are no cars (so you can jump the roundabout), then you are onto any traffic turning right very quickly, gives them a bit of a scare to see a bike coming from nowhere.


Thanks Bob,

I should be able to shave a couple of seconds off my Strava segment record...(insert sarcasm emoticon)

Great work Bob. My general rule is that you ask once nicely, and if it doesn't get done then it's fair game to do it yourself.

I've previously asked council to trim the nearby cycle bypass of the roundabout on major bays road. They always did it within a couple of days. Every year I would suggest that they add the location to their maintenance register, but every year I had to ask. Don't think they are particularly sophisticated. I also suggested that since the offending growth comes through the fence from the golf course, that they ask the green keepers to do the maintenance, their depot is a few hundred metres away. But no.

I find Canada bay fix most stuff pretty quick but some does go in the too hard basket. In this case I am surprised it wasn't done.

love that bypass, fav part of the ride home is jumping back onto the road

Reply from Council...

Council wishes to advise that your request to have the nature strip trees trimmed adjacent to the bike way along Norman street has been added to Council October-December 2017 tree works schedules.

After Bob's handy work, they can remove the 'spring flush'. Hopefully they give them a good pruning.

I've found that very aggressive pruning at ground level seems to solve most of the problems. Alternatively, a good drink of herbicide.

the Melaleucas are fine, slow growing, look ok, nice flowers, it the casuarinas that need the glyphosate


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