Hi everyone,

Today on Hack we're breaking down the weeks news. Topics include the cycling barney that's been going on (mostly in the media I suspect) this week.

But we'll also be talking about Assylum Seekers, Body Image and Halloween.

The other guest we've already arranged is a bit of a lefty - like a lot of cyclists so I'm looking for a cyclist with a more pollitically conservative outlook.

Any takers? please email me NOW tilley.tom@abc.net.au

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Tony Abbot?
Tony Abbott is a good suggestion

who's Dave W? Got his contacts?
Yes, and Abbott rides the same make of bike as me ... the shame ...

Pat Farmer ...?
Why this silly attempt at 'balance'? How about just discussing the issues as they are with people who know their stuff and not through a political lens.
It's the ABC. They have to be balanced.

But all cyclists are balanced, otherwise they would fall off.
Didn't we discuss the other day that most cyclists do fall off (especially while clipped in)?

like that's likely to happen at the ABC

They view the entire world through a lefty lens.. for them to say their first guest is 'a bit of a lefty' and they want a conservative, means that they're looking for someone who has a real job.
Quite possibly.

Unfortunately, most of Sydney does not live in areas well-serviced by public transport.... nor can the average family survive on an Arts grant.
Cris Rissol


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