Hi everyone,

Today on Hack we're breaking down the weeks news. Topics include the cycling barney that's been going on (mostly in the media I suspect) this week.

But we'll also be talking about Assylum Seekers, Body Image and Halloween.

The other guest we've already arranged is a bit of a lefty - like a lot of cyclists so I'm looking for a cyclist with a more pollitically conservative outlook.

Any takers? please email me NOW tilley.tom@abc.net.au

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Hey somebody talked to me about hack last night at the pub.

Did anyone hear the story?
http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/hack/ - Friday.

Nothing worth getting excited about.
Couldn't really comment because no matter how hard I search cannot find the video. And Tom was fishing for confrontational comment, just the thing to get temperatures rising. I can't even find references to the interview. Did Tom call you Yogi?


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