Pretty frustrated! I've just been through 3 tubes with presta valves and it looks like I've torn the valves out of the tube while removing the pump. This is very unusual for me, but I occasionally have isolated instances of this happening. I never screw the nut down to the rim on the valve, so that's not causing the problem. I've tried holding the nut to negate the pull when the pump hose is removed, but that doesn't seem to have worked. The only other thing that I can think of is that the pump hose attachment rubber on the valve may be too tight. This is a new pump that I can't recall having used before. I'm off to get more tubes to test this theory. Can anyone offer any other suggestions on what may be a problem with my technique?

On another tube related matter, while riding back from Adelaide a couple of years ago, I got a number of irreparable punctures around Junee. There is no bike shop there, but there is a horse place and I was able to get a few new tubes from them. They sell them for use on trotting rigs and the people who had the business were really good to deal with. They have proven to be the most robust tubes that I've had. 

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What size tubes did you gey in Junee?

Fitted my 700 x 37 Conti top contact 2's.


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