There are tunnels everywhere under the CBD. The Govt wants to turn some into places for cafes and bars. Could there be scope for creating cross-CBD cycleways? Apparently there is a rail tunnel from St James up towards Whitlam Sq, and another one from St James towards Wynyard for a never built railway to Ryde and several more unfinished lines that are unlikely ever to be completed. Join them up and we could have some great links, avoiding traffic. There could be bicycle parking and facilities underground and lifts or ramps up to shops.

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I think the St James - Wynyard tunnel is complete.  What I heard is that it is flooded and has a beach at one end of the flood, which was created for a movie scene.  According to this article, some of the tunnels were destroyed but its not clear which ones

they're not complete -- all blocked off and were only tunnelled enough to make sure when they were re-started, they didn't disrupt traffic at St James.


details of various tunnels from St James:

I thought it was a tram tunnel rather than a train tunnel

Does it matter?

I think the only underground tram tunnels were Wynyard to the bridge.

imho it'd be much better if they just made cross-city shared zones with no private vehicle access.

Block off every second or third street and turn into a Martin place 

Isn't this the same state that is proposing a universal ban on bicycles in ANY tunnel!?

(Here is a new tunnel in Victoria that is hardly bike friendly, but at least bikes aren't banned!)

Yikes. Looks more scary on the approach an departure road than in the tunnel itself!  Sure would improve your sprinting. Was there ever a chance of a separate bike tunnel? Need one under the runway here on Gen Holmes Dr.

That's why they built the bike path on Airport drive, but now there seems to be a risk of that one going if this replaces Airport drive Welcome to the Consultation Map for Sydney Gateway

Was there ever a chance of a separate bike tunnel?

Yep.  Simple, have one vehicle lane in each direction instead of the two eastbound.  Then there would have been plenty of room for nice bike lanes.

I don't regularly ride that area but it wasn't bad beforehand much worse now.  This is in an area where the councils have been rapidly improving cycling infrastructure. But this was a state based project.

Disappointing, they could of designed that tunnel slightly wider to include a bike lane


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