Early sunsets have put an end to the post-work training, and staying up to watch the Giro (and brush up on my foreign language skills) makes pre-work rides unlikely.

That means its time to dust off the turbo trainer and I was wondering if anyone has preferred formats for turbo sessions? 2x20's are the classic but I would like to know if anyone has tried videos from www.thesufferfest.com/ , Spinervals or have their own protocols.

Since it is winter I don't want to spend hours on the trainer (been there, done that) so looking maintain fitness during the week and increase in strength and power. Will most likely be turboing a couple of times a week, complemented by long ride(s) at the weekend and some weight training on the off days.

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Having ridden a trainer this weekend for the 100 miles of Nowhere it was both kinda fun and suffering.

But I am looking forward to using the trainer to build up some fitness while I can't ride on the road (due to hand injury) and hopefully adding kettlebells (my choice of weight training) to combine to be a good training regime.

Would be interested to see how others use their trainers to build fitness?
When I do use it (currently on loan to a friend who has blown out his knee) I use it for aerobic base & mid aerobic work.

Get into the heart rate zone & just pedal away. Watch the tele or listen to music.

Do it more for endurance. Do an 40min to hour with 10 min warm up & 10 min cool down
I made a powerpoint to run a training session when i'm wearing my heart rate monitor.

You need to be able to see the laptop. It is calibrated with a text file which specifies a high and low target zone and how many minutes to spend in each zone. I've attached the powerpoint and an example setup file. You will probably want to make your own setup file so just change the numbers in the text file (the file name 'POC setup7.txt' needs to stay the same).

If you are interested in trying this the file format is as follows:

line 1 - needs to specify the number of zones/lines to follow, e.g, zones=9
each following line needs to be in the format: lo=, hi=, time=, where the 'lo' value is the lowest heart rate in the target zone, 'hi' is the highest heart rate in the target zone, and 'time' is the number of minutes in that target zone. The file can be as many lines as you want as long as it is specified in the first line.

NB: 'Macros' must be enabled and it only works on PCs - not Macs!
CTS cycling for fitness
CTS Climbing
or just watch old 70's and 80's tours


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