Two charged as police stop same car three times in Blue Mountains in a day

Just too funny

A woman driver was arrested twice and a man once when police stopped the same vehicle in the Blue Mountains on three separate occasions on Sunday.

The Toyota Corolla was first stopped at a random breath test site in Lapstone Hill after allegedly speeding about 10am.

The driver, a 26-year-old man was arrested and charged with driving while disqualified and speeding.

A 21-year-old woman was in the passenger seat and a three-year-old girl in the rear seat.

Then, about 1.40pm, officers stopped the car for a second time on the Great Western Highway at Katoomba.

This time the woman who was originally in the passenger seat was driving.

Officers say that she, too, was driving with a disqualified licence.

She was arrested and charged with driving while disqualified. 

About an hour later, the car was stopped again, this time at a random breath test site on the Great Western Highway at Glenbrook.

The woman was driving again.

She was arrested for a second time and charged with a second count of driving with a disqualified licence. Officers seized the car keys. 

Police allege the child was in a car seat that was not anchored correctly.

The pair are expected to appear in Katoomba Local Court on February 26.

Police have reported the matter to Family and Community Services.

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Just shows that the current system is not working. Seize the car. End of.


Like there is only one car

In this case 1 car. The first time a disqualified driver is caught behind the wheel the car get taken off the road, impounded, for a few months. Regardless of car ownership - unless stolen.

People think losing the car is akin to losing your life. PT is a thing. So is walking, cycling and sucking it up.

Why wait until they wipe someone out to take action?



They don`t give a poop about it and yet still driving for f@#$ all.

They are a danger to the community at large and why don`t the police have to shoot to kill them to stop them re-offending in the near future.


Whilst I tend to agree with your sentiment, the Police need to be super careful especially when kids are in the car.

The only saving grace in this story is that the drivers stopped all 3 times. If there was a police chase involved...

If someone is driving unregistered or unlicensed then the car should be forfeit for a period of time. It makes it less likely they will re-offend especially within such a short period of time.


What if the car is owned by the disabled parent, who can't leave the house without it?

While agreeing with the impounding of the car, there has to be  some exceptions unfortunately

they should have thought about that before loaning their only means of mobility to their offspring who doesn't care

There is as much chance of a vehicle being taken without the owners consent as with I would imagine. A woman I knew had to hide the car keys from her now ex-husband as he's get drinking and then think it fun to go for a drive, despite being caught multiple times.

well, that car can be returned, for an additional charge of theft to the offender

Meh. Taxis.

Just contact These guys, they'll get you off. Also on that website, check the new penalties, where driving while disqualified only attracts a CRO if I've got it right.  Tho the courts have apparently more powers to make sure people stick to any orders.


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